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>> Download - Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 <<

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Download - Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 - Psx

Name of the file: Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Main Menu Codes
Enter all codes at main menu

l=left r=right u=up d=down []=square

Dave Mirra-l,l,u,r,u,l,u,u,[]
Ryan Nyquist-l,l,d,r,d,r,u,d,[]
Troy McMurray-l,l,l,d,u,r,u,l,[]
Mike Laird-l,l,r,u,u,r,u,r,[]
Tim Mirra-l,l,r,u,d,l,d,u,[]
Kenan Harkin-l,l,l,l,r,r,d,d,[]
Leigh Ramsdell-l,l,d,d,l,r,d,l,[]
Joey Garcia-l,l,u,u,d,r,d,[]
Rick Moliterno-l,l,u,d,r,l,l,u,[]
Todd Lyons-l,l,d,u,u,r,l,d,[]
John ''Luc-E'' Englebert-l,l,r,r,d,d,r,u,[]
Scott Wirch-l,l,r,u,u,u,l,r,[]
Colin Mackay-l,l,r,r,d,d,r,u,[]
Zach Shaw-l,l,l,r,l,d,r,d,[]

Competition Outfits

Dave Mirra-u,d,u,d,r,l,u,u,[]
Ryan Nyquist-u,d,,d,l,d,u,u,d,[]
Troy McMurray-u,d,l,d,r,l,u,l,[]
Mike Laird-u,d,r,l,r,u,u,r,[]
Tim Mirra-u,d,r,l,l,u,d,u,[]
Kenan Harkin-u,d,l,d,l,u,d,u,[]
Leigh Ramsdell-u,d,d,l,d,d,d,l,[]
Joey Garcia-u,d,u,l,d,r,d,r,[]
Rick Moliterno-u,d,u,u,u,u,l,u,[]
Todd Lyons-u,d,d,r,u,l,l,d,[]
John ''Luc-E'' Englebert-u,d,l,d,l,r,l,l,[]
Scott Wirch-u,d,r,u,d,r,l,r,[]
Colin Mackay-u,d,r,d,u,r,r,u,[]
Zach Shaw-u,d,l,r,d,d,r,d,[]

All Bikes for everyone-u,l,d,r,d,d,r,d,d,l,[]

Secret Riders

Mike Dias-u,l,d,r,r,l,u,d,u,r,[]
Amish Guy-u,l,d,r,r,l,l,d,u,l,[]

Tim Mirra's Contest Outfit
To unlock Tim Mirra's alternate outfit without playing through as him, press Up, Down, Right, Left, Left, Up, Down, Up, Square at the main menu.

Unlock all Park Editor Themes
At the main menu, press:
Up, left, down, right, down, up, down, right, left, left, and then press square.

All levels
At the main menu sceen press up, down, down, left, right, down, square

All Bikes
At the main menu press,up,left,down,up,left,down,right,

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