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>> Download - SBK-09 : Superbike World Championship [PS3] <<

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Download - SBK-09 : Superbike World Championship [PS3] - Ps3

Name of the file: SBK-09 : Superbike World Championship [PS3] - Author: ANO - [PS3]

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
Be a Rookie (Bronze): Win your first race.
Simulation Wizard (Bronze): Win a race in extreme simulation mode with opponents at Professional or Real level.
Who needs wheels? (Bronze): Win performing at least 10 seconds of wheelies and win the race.
King of Assen (Bronze): Win a race on Assen with less than a 3 second gap at Professional or Real level.
Tires are expensive (Bronze): Win a race with tyre wear activated and with a minimum waste of tires.
Back to my first love (Bronze): Win a race at least at professional difficulty level using Max Biaggi and his Aprilia.
Milestone best friend (Bronze): Win a race at Misano Adriatico using Luca Scassa.
Telemetry Expert (Bronze): Compare two telemetries.
Despite bad luck (Bronze): Win a race with a highly damaged bike.
Impossible Comeback (Bronze): Win a quick race starting from last position at Professional difficulty level.
I pwn n00bs (Bronze): Perform a 360 burnout and win an on-line quick race.
Italy rules the world (Bronze): Win a race with all the Italian riders.
Turnaround (Bronze): Win a race performing at least 2 360's.
I'm the Wizard (Bronze): Win a race on Monza using Michel Fabrizio.
Milk Shake (Bronze): Damage a Team Sterilgarda bike until it is unusable.
Dorifuto Kingu (Bronze): Win a race performing at least 10 seconds of skids.
The Pirate lands in America (Bronze): Win a race with Biaggi at Salt Lake City.
Straight out of the factory (Bronze): Win a race at Imola using a Ducati Xerox .
Mr. Crocodile under the water (Bronze): Win a rainy race using Troy Corser.
Living on the edge (Bronze): Perform 10 seconds of wheelies and 10 seconds of skids in any game mode.
Out of time (Bronze): Win a race with a 10 second gap or more from second place.
The only way to make someone read them (Bronze): Watch all credits.
Transmission Wizard (Bronze): Win a race using manual transmission with opponents at Professional or Real level.
Somebody will be quite angry now (Bronze): Win a race with a gap of less than 1 second.
Teamwork (Silver): Win at least one race with each of the SBK teams.
Mr. Superpole (Silver): Achieve at least 10 Superpoles in the same championship.
Pure ruler, out of the box (Silver): Win on all tracks on-line .
Italian Miracle (Silver): Win a championship with Pedercini team.
The SBK Kamikaze (Silver): Win at least one race with all the Japanese riders.
The Prancing Pony (Silver): Perform 60 seconds of wheelies and finish at least fourth.
I'm the Star (Silver): Win a championship using the team Suzuki Alstare.
Bronze Medal (Silver): Win at least a bronze medal in all Scenarios.
Silver Medal (Silver): Win at least a silver medal in all Scenarios.
Tight Rope Walker (Silver): Finish 10 races in a row without falling.
The championship is on the line (Silver): Win an on-line Championship.
Winning Streak (Silver): Win at least 10 races in a row.
Pure ruler (Silver): Win on all tracks.
Teatime (Silver): Win at least 5 races at Donington.
How cool are my trophies? (Gold): Complete the CUPS board.
Gold Medal (Gold): Win at least a gold medal in all Scenarios.
Rainbow decks (Gold): Win all the cards of the game decks.

Additionally there is one secret trophy.
Platinum Trophy (Platinum): All Trophies collected!

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