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>> Download - NCAA Football 09 [PS3] <<

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Download - NCAA Football 09 [PS3] - Ps3

Nom du fichier : NCAA Football 09 [PS3] - Auteur : ANO - [PS3]

All-Time teams
Select "My Shrine" at the starting menu. Access the pennant collection screen, then enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding All-Time team.

Team Password
Alabama Roll Tide
Arkansas Woopigsooie
Auburn War Eagle
Baylor Sic Em
Clemson Death Valley
Colorado Glory
Florida Great to be
Florida State Uprising
Georgia Hunker Down
Illinois Oskee Wow
Iowa On Iowa
Kansas State Victory
Lsu Geaux Tigers
Miami Raising Cane
Michigan Go Blue
Mississippi State Hail State
Missouri Mizzou Rah
Nebraska Go Big Red
North Carolina Rah Rah
Notre Dame Golden Domer
Ohio State Killer Nuts
Oklahoma Boomer
Oklahoma State Go Pokes
Oregon Quack Attack
Penn State We Are
Pittsburgh Lets Go Pitt
Purdue Boiler Up
Syracuse Orange Crush
Tennessee Big Orange
Texas A&M Gig Em
Texas Longhorns Hook Em
Texas Tech Fight
Ucla Mighty
Usc Fight On
Virginia Wahoos
Virginia Tech Tech Triumph
Washington Bow Down
Wisconsin U Rah Rah

Mascot teams
Select "My Shrine" at the starting menu. Access the pennant collection screen, then enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding mascot team.

Team Password
Arizona Bear Down
Georgia Tech Ramblinwreck
Iowa State Red And Gold
Kansas Rock Chalk
Kentucky On On UK
Michigan State Go Green
Minnesota Rah Rah Rah
North Carolina State Go Pack
Northwestern Go Cats
Ole Miss Hotty Totty
South Carolina Go Carolina
Wake Forest Go Deacs Go
Washington Sate All Hail
West Virginia Hail WV

Enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding pennant.

Pennant Password
2004 All-Americans Fumble
Extra Credit Touchdown
First and 5 Undefeated
First and 15 (#200) Thanks
Super Dive Upset
QB can throw passes beyond the line of scrimmage Tiburon
Opponent fumbles when he tries to juke Champs
ref spots ball short for your opponent For
Very narrow upright on opponent's field goal attempts 08
Opponent's QB throws passes high and wobbly Elite 11
QB almost impossible to sack Offense
Doubles opponent's penalty yardage for one game NCAA
Five downs to make a first down Impact
Get points when player is injured Heisman
Unlimited timeouts for one game Football
Kicker has greater distance for one game Gridiron
Team's pass rush improved for one game Turnover
Player's catching ability improved for one game In the zone
Increase wind in your direction on field goal attempts Sideline
Increase DB's chance of jamming a receiver at the line Defense
Increase opponent's chance of dropping a pass Registering
Increase opponent's chance of injury for one game Blitz
Increase opponent's fatigue for one game Game time
Increase opponent's fumbles for one game With EA
Increase player's ability to break tackles for one game Break Free
Increase player's chance of intercepting a pass Hand Picked
Increase QB's passing accuracy for one game No Sweat
Increase receiver's chance of burning coverage deep Light Speed
Prevent QB from throwing interceptions or fumbling EA Sports

Wrong recipient
On the PA, if you kick the ball off one of the uprights and the defender catches it, they will kick the ball off to you.

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