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Do not spend Antimatter on refueling your reactor. Simply wait fifteen minutes and it will gain an energy charge. Additionally, spending Antimatter to refresh the shop's inventory also is a waste of resources. Save your Antimatter to speed up the forging process and obtaining new crew members and starships.

Complete bounties to earn Antimatter. Most of them must be completed in order to progress through the game. Note: The daily bounties have a gold reward instead of Antimatter, but they are still worthwhile to complete.

When you take over a planet, it will produce gold over time. Check back regularly to collect it. Your planets can also be recaptured by your enemies. Tap on one of your planets to view the time remaining before it can be attacked. Defend your planets as needed to keep your profit flowing.

Keep damage to your ship to a minimum to increase the amount of bonus gold you receive at the end of a level.

Sell unneeded parts that will not be used in forging to get gold.

Tap on a planet under enemy control, then tap the "Info" button at the bottom right to get information on what to expect in that area. If an enemy ship is present, it will reveal its level and type of weapons. Use this information to reconfigure your ship and strategy. Note: Planets that have blue auras contain a Boss.

Unlimited energy
Every encounter costs one energy unit from your reactor. Once it runs out, you normally need to wait for it to recharge over time or spend Antimatter to immediately replenish it. Advance the time on your device until you regain the desired amount of energy. Note: It requires 45 minutes to restore one unit of energy. Then, set the time back to its correct value.

Complete the bounties to get Antimatter rewards that can be used to restore energy.

Unlimited gold and Antimatter
Locate a planet which contains only loot boxes and gun turrets. Once at that planet collect everything except one of the loot boxes, then commit suicide. After the game resumes you can continue collecting items until you run out of energy. You can regain energy by advancing the time on your device then resume collecting resources.

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