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>> Download - Burnout Dominator [PSP] <<

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Download - Burnout Dominator [PSP] - Psp

Name of the file: Burnout Dominator [PSP] - Author: ANO - [PSP]

Unlockable Cars

Complete the following events/tasks to unlock the associated car.

Street Rod Perform a 4X Burnout during the Hot Rod Series Tuscon View Burnout Challenge
Custom Hot Rod Drift 9,000ft during the Hot Rod Series Spiritual Gate Maniac Mode Event
Street Dodger Perform 15 Near Misses in the Hot Rod Series Autobahn Loop Race Event
Assassin Earn 150,000 Maniac Points in the Hot Rod Series Ocean Drive Maniac Mode
American Drifter Drift a Total of 3,000ft during the Factory Series Glacier Falls Drift Challenge Event
Limited ST Perform 15 Near Misses during the Factory Series Glacier Falls Race
American Classic Earn a gold medal (10,000 points) in the Classic Series Glacier Falls Maniac Event
Burnout Classic Perform a 2X Burnout during the Classic Series Black Gold Highway Race Event
Super Coupe Get a Gold Medal in the Tuned Series Dominator Challenge
Tuned Muscle Takedown the Tuned Muscle Car 3 times during the Tuned Series Steeltown Works Race Event
Works M-Type Earn 50,000 Maniac Points in the Tuned Series Autobahn Maniac Mode
Custom Coupe Ultimate Perform a 2X Burnout in the Tuned Series Autobahn Near Miss Challenge
Factory Sports Earn 50,000 Maniac Points in the Factory Series Black Gold Highway Maniac Mode
J Coupe Takedown the J Coupe Car Twice during the Factory Series Tuscan Hills Race Event
Charger Get a Gold Medal in the Hot Rod Series Dominator Challenge
Euro Super Earn 100,000 Maniac Points in the Super Series Bushido Valley Maniac Mode
Low Rider Get Gold Medal in the Dominator Challenge in Classic Series
Tuned Drifter Drift over 9000ft in the Drift event in the Tuned Series
Factory GT Get Gold Medal at the Dominator Challenge in the Factory Series

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