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Star Wars : Battlefront II (2017) [Xbox One] - XBOXONE

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Star Wars : Battlefront II (2017) [Xbox One] - XBOXONE
Name of the file: Star-Wars-:-Battlefront-II-(2017)-[Xbox-One] - Author: ANO - [XBOXONE]

Easy Balance Point Achievement:
To get this Achievement in the campaign you must eliminate five enemies using the 'Barrage'. You will find the 'Barrage' in a weapon box inside the bunker guarded by some enemies you see after completing the main objectives in the starting area. To equip the 'Barrage' just pick it up and press the D-Pad Left. Then take it to the woods where there will be lots of enemies spawing close together and look for an opportunities to kill five of them with a total of three shots. You can always restart the checkpoint if you need to attempt it again.

Easy Master of Deception Achievement:
To get this Achievement in the campaign you have to eliminate a Scout Trooper with Iden's melee takedown. The best time to perform this is in Mission 5: The Storm Objective during the third enemy encounter when there will be a Scout Trooper in the area carrying a sniper rifle. This Scout Trooper will by wearing darker armour and you must kill him with a stealth melee attack from behind without being noticed. The key to being successful is to watch where the Scout Trooper goes and hide behind cover until he stops walking. Then sneak up on him and do the stealth kill (press R3).

Easy X-wing vs. TIE Fighter Achievement:
To get this Achievement in the campaign you must destroy eight starfighters in the skies of Jakku. You will be able to do this easily at the very start of Mission 11: The Battle of Jakku when you are flying an X-Wing as there will be lots of TIE Fighters flying in the sky which you can shoot down.

Easy Dark Forces Achievement:
To get this Achievement in the campaign you must use the droid to shock three enemies at once. This can be done when you reach the MC80 Airlock in Mission 1: The Cleaner Objective and are using the assault rifle to hold off enemies while your droid opens a door (you will get a tutorial prompt about door panels at this point). When five enemes spawn close together and come down the stairs use the droid by pressing Triangle to shock them. Note: The droid can only be used once the bar at the bottom of the screen is fully charged. You can restart the checkpoint if it fails.

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