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Star Trek : Bridge Crew [Xbox One] - XBOXONE

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Star Trek : Bridge Crew [Xbox One] - XBOXONE
Nom du fichier : Star-Trek-:-Bridge-Crew-[Xbox-One] - Auteur : ANO - [XBOXONE]

Avoiding Torpedoes:
Incoming torpedoes can be dodged by maneuvering the ship vertically at maximum speed just before impact. This is done by dragging up the speed controls to the left of the control pad and then dragging the throttle to the right upwards.

Minimise Detection:
One tactic you can employ to help avoid enemy patrols or sensors is to keep the you.S.S. Aegis' speed at 4,000 or below to minimize the detectable output of her engines which is indicated by the green ring around the ship on the map.

Boost Ship Performance:
Although you can boost performance by routing excess power from one ship subsystem to another you must be careful when doing this as you run the risk of overloading the system and blowing power nodes.

Repair Crews:
You can spread repair crews across subsystems to repair them, the more crews you can assign to repair the damage the quicker it will be dealt with.

Space Debris:
Before firing your phasers and torpedoes always look to makes sure there is no space debris in the way to block them otherwise you will be wasting energy and weapon reserves.

Hostile Ship Transporting:
When you are tasked with transporting from a hostile ship you will be able to get quick transport by dropping the ship's shields with your phasers.

Heavy Fire:
When you are under heavy fire look to disrupt/bypass an enemy's shields so you are then able to use your phasers to deal damage to their weapon system and reduce their damage output.

Stealth in Episode 4:
In the fourth episode of the campaign when stealth and evasion is crucial a good tactic to buy your crew time to maneuver is to use system disruption to temporarily shut down enemy engines while remaining undetected.

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