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>> Download - Duel Masters : Cobalt <<

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Download - Duel Masters : Cobalt - Psx

Name of the file: Duel Masters : Cobalt - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Play as Chuck
Hold [R3] and press [L1]x3 at the deck building screen to unlock Chuck in arcade mode.

Play as Shobu
Select versus mode and let player two choose a character. Then, have player one press [R2]x2, [L1], [R2], [X].

Cards do not run out in duel
Hold [R3] and press [Square]x3.

Remove shield
Hold [R3] and press [Triangle], [Square], [X] to remove one of player one's shields. Hold [R3] and press [Triangle], [Circle], [X] to remove one of player two's shields.

Add shield
Hold [R3] and press [X], [Square], [Triangle] to add one shield for player one. Hold [R3] and press [X], [Circle], [Triangle] to add one shield for player two.

Win duel
Hold [R3] and press [L1], [R1], [L1] to give player one the win. Hold [R3] and press [R1], [L1], [R1] to give player two the win.

Additional locations
Hold [R3] and press [Circle]x3 at the map screen.

Additional cards
Hold [R3] and press [L1]x3 at the deck building screen. You will get four of each card.

Card Multiplication
To perform this cheat you need two memory cards.
Copy your file on to the second memory card and go to Card Trading. Trade as many cards as you wish from memory card 2 on to memory card 1 and voila more cards!

Unlock Knight:
To get Knight, complete everyone's story.

Unlock Marcus:
To get Marcus, complete Flynn's story.

Unlock Monks:
To get the monks, you must defeat them the first time.

Unlock Sera:
To get Sera, complete Luc's story.

Unlock Widow:
To get the Widow, defeat her at the end of the tournament.

Unlock Caitlan:
To get Caitlan, complete Rusty's story

Unlock Earl:
To get Earl, complete Trey's story

Unlock Jalen:
To get Jalen, complete Rebecca's story.

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