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Download - Gone Home [Xbox One] - Xboxone

Name of the file: Gone Home [Xbox One] - Author: ANO - [XBOXONE]

To access the attic to the left of the guest room you must return to the foyer and open the secret passage to find the key. To open the secret passage open the door that connects the east wing and the foyer and examine the secret panel which is between the cupboards and the stairs.

Terrance's Filing Cabinet Code:
The access code for Terrance's filing cabinet in the study is '0451' (without the quotes) and can be found written on the folder in the corner of the library where you find a note from his editor.

Easy Commentary Nodes:
The easiest way to collect ALL the commentary nodes that are scattered around the home is to start a new game and go into the 'Modifiers' menu and select 'All Lights Start On', 'Unlock All Doors', and 'Enable Commentary'.

Secret Diary:
To get the secret diary (Journal Entry #24) you must go to the garage and use the milk carton to knock the purple ball off the ceiling beams. When you have done this carry the ball back to Sam’s room and shoot it through the small basketball hoop on the door.

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