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>> Download - Shovel Knight [Xbox One] <<

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Download - Shovel Knight [Xbox One] - Xboxone

Nom du fichier : Shovel Knight [Xbox One] - Auteur : ANO - [XBOXONE]

Unlock New Game+ Mode:
When you complete the game you will unlock New Game+ mode for the current profile. In New Game+ mode you will retain any previously obtained armours, magic, feats and upgrades.

Easy 'Impossible!' Achievement:
To earn this Achievement you need to complete a playthrough of the game without dying once. This can be done easily by selecting the 'Return to Map Screen' option to avoid saving a death.

Easy 'On A Diet' and 'Shovel Economy' Achievements:
These two Achievements can be collected easily during the first level by progressing through it only using the Dust Knuckles and down-stab to kill everything. Try to save at least 48 magic for the Boss which you then kill with the Flare Wand.

Easy 'Arc of Iron' Achievement:
After you have fought the first gryphon go to the room that is near the middle of King's Knight stage. There you will see four flying mice that are in a good position to get knocked down with a single anchor.

Defeating Tinker Knight:
If you attack Tinker Knight during the first phase of his battle with the Mobile Gear you will immediately win.

Regain Lost Money:
When you have fallen into a pit and died you can return there and use the Fishing Rod to drop a line into the pit to collect any floating bags that you dropped when you died there.

Plague of Shadows DLC - Unlock Additional Challenge Mode:
Hold the 'Attack' button and then at the 'Title' screen press Up 2 times, Left, Up 2 times, Right, Up, Down, Up.

Plague of Shadows DLC - Unlock Plague of Shadows Mode:
Hold the 'Attack' button and then at the 'Title' screen press Up 2 times, Right, Down, Left 2 times.

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