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>> Download - Spider : Rite of The Shrouded Moon - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Spider : Rite of The Shrouded Moon - Cheat Codes - Pc

Nom du fichier : Spider : Rite of The Shrouded Moon - Cheat Codes - Auteur : ANO - [PC]

All spiders and Odobenus Rosmarus (walrus):
After passing the tutorial level, "Carriage House", you will be prompted to
enter your name. Enter Rosmarus and select "OK". If you were already past
the tutorial, scroll from the map screen to the "Settings" menu by selecting
the bottom-left icon at the "Weather" menu. Select "Save Sessions" and choose
your current session. Your stats for the saved game and your name at the top
will appear. Select your name and change it to Rosmarus. Next, enter the
"Spider Types" section of the menu by selecting the bottom-left corner icon
until it appears. This screen contains the different spider types you can
play as. They will all now be unlocked. Select the last one, "O. Walrus", to
view its image and assign it to be as your in-game avatar to play as a walrus.
You can then change your saved game name back to whatever desired.

* Portals will open based on your score, and not the number of insects eaten.
To complete a level and move to the next stage through portal, you must
pass a minimum score. If you get a high score multiplier, you can eat fewer
insects and still open the portal.
* Score portals will only open the next level in a building. In order to move
to a new building, you must solve a Mystery. Note that individual levels
are the rooms you play in, while buildings are groups of levels in the same
general area. After a portal is opened, you can move to the next level within
the building. After completing all levels in a particular building, the next
building will be revealed. However you can only access stages in that next
building if you have solved the related Mystery.

* Clues are different than secrets. Clues are used to solve Mysteries, which
in turn unlock buildings. When you find a clue, the game will identify it
as such and save a snapshot of it under the "Mysteries" tab in the menu.
Clues may contain passcodes or other information that must be used later.
* You do not always have to find all the clues to solve a Mystery. Most
Mysteries have a single Puzzle Object, which is the clue that you actually
have to interact with to solve the Mystery. Returning to find clues after
solving the Mystery will still trigger a notification and add them to your
clue board.
* If you find a clue then exit the level, the clue will still be added to
the clue board. However, you will not get a checkmark on a level, even if
all of its secrets and clues are found, until you actually finish the level
by eating insects.
* Most clues are found within the building which Mystery they help to solve.
However if you find a clue and the "clues found" total on your current
Mystery does not increase, it indicates that the clue is used for a Mystery
in a different building.

Secrets are not used to solve a puzzle. Instead, they can provide hints to find
clues or puzzle solutions, or give additional information about the events at
Blackbird Estate. Secrets are not saved anywhere.

* When a level is selected on the Estate Map, a grid with the four possible
weather conditions (clear day, rainy day, clear night, rainy night) will
appear. If the icon is a minus sign, it indicates that you have not completed
that level under that particular weather condition. If the icon is a checkmark,
it indicates that you have completed the level under that weather condition
and have also found all available secrets or clues. If the icon is a question
mark under a magnifying glass, it indicaes you have completed the level under
that weather condition but have not found all the secrets or clues.
* Sometimes a level will be marked with a question mark on multiple weather
conditions. This indicates that a secret or clue is undiscovered that can be
found in any of those conditions; or there are multiple secrets to be found
in each weather condition. If it was the first possibility, playing the level
under any condition and finding the missing secret or clue will change all
icons to a checkmark. If it was the second possibility, getting one checkmark
will not change the others. You will have to replay during that weather
condition. Keep in mind that certain secrets can only be discovered during
particular phases of the moon. If you are having difficulty finding a secret,
try again during a different moon phase.
* Disable the location services option when waiting for rain. The in-game
"weather machine" can only be used to change either the time or weather for
a short period of time with every phase of the moon. When waiting for rain
between weather machine uses, disable location services from "Advanced
Settings" menu, exit the game, then start it again. This will change the
weather to "Blackbird Estate" which may be different than your current
local weather.

Level Clear:
The "Level Clear" message indicates that all the insects on that stage have
been eaten. This will always appear with the portal opening or afterwards. It
is not possible to run out of insects to eat and not score enough to open the

"Strong webs" are large webs that are capable of capturing larger insects,
such as scorpionflies. To make them, try making webs with obtuse angles to
get a larger area.

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