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>> Download - Forgotten Realms : Demon Stone - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Forgotten Realms : Demon Stone - Cheat Codes - Pc

Nom du fichier : Forgotten Realms : Demon Stone - Cheat Codes - Auteur : ANO - [PC]

Secret books:
Successfully complete the following levels to unlock the secret book.

Attack at Cedarleaf - Zhai's Past
The Wizard's Tower - Khelben's Letter
The Jungles of Chult - Illius' Youth
The Yuan-Ti Temple - Nesme's Fall
Stand at Mithral Hall - Cireka's Vow Drizzt's Journal
Into the Underdark - Ygorl And The Dragon

Unlimited gold and experience:
The level "Into The Underdark" has unlimited experience and gold. When
you get to the part of the stage with the ice barrier and wizards, switch
to Zhai and use the shadows on the right side of the bridge to sneak attack
enemies that appear from the right tunnel. You can do this as long as
desired. Zhai steals gold from enemies when invisible. Get as many kills
as possible. When satisfied, continue on to fight Cireka. Only kill the
wizards that fire missiles at you. The large slow moving bombs go directly
for the character you are currently playing. An unlimited number of enemies
will flow from the portal. Kill them and get your characters' hero meters
up. When full, use it repeatedly. You must do this at least twenty times
for decent experience. The more times you do your team attack, the higher
the experience multiplier at the end of the level.

Picture gallery:
Successfully complete the following levels to unlock the picture in the

War in Damara - Battlefield
Gemspark - Concept Art
Attack at Cedarleaf - Cedarleaf
The Wizard's Tower - Wizards Tower
The Jungles of Chult - Chult Jungle
The Yuan-Ti Temple - Chult Temple
Stand at Mithral Hall - Mithral
Into the Underdark - Githyanki Outpost
The Dragon's Lair - Dragon
The Lord of Chaos - Limbo

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty to unlock the
Red Dragon Armor for Zanek and be able to use the Silver Sword. You can
get the Red Dragon Armor after you complete the tenth chapter under the
Hard difficulty setting. Go into "Upgrades" and then into the armor
upgrade for Zanek. It will appear directly below the mithril armor.
The Silver Sword will already be equipped and cannot be upgraded.

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