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>> Download - 24 : The Game <<

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Download - 24 : The Game - Psx

Name of the file: 24 : The Game - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Cheat Mode
At the Options menu, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to display the password entry prompt for the Invulnerable, Infinite ammo, All missions, and All bonuses options.

Hold Triangle and press D-pad Left or Right to enter a password for the desired cheat option.

Password - Effect
[If you know any passwords for this game, please EMAIL them to us]

Mission bonuses
Finish a mission with at least a 90% completion to unlock the 3D models, pictures, and movies for that mission:

6 a.m.: Storming the Ship: SWAT Member character
6 a.m.: Wired to Blow: Interview with Reiko Aylesworth movie
7 a.m.: Carr character
8 a.m.: Following Daniels mission: Tarket character
8 a.m.: Daniels Takedown: Jack Bauer image
9 a.m.: Interrogating Daniels Mission: Robert Daniels character
9 a.m.: Sniper Search: Chloe O'Brien character
9 a.m.: Taking Out The Enemy: Vice President Presscott character
10 a.m.: PDA Discovered: Sean Walker character
10 a.m.: Ho Shin's Shop: Ho Shin character
10 a.m.: To Li Jin Yu's Apartment: Dr. Kevin Tyson character
11 a.m.: TV Ad 1 movie
12 p.m.: Bringing in Lee Jin: Female Civilian character
12 p.m.: Stopping the Metro Attack: Eddie Cain character
1 p.m.: M3: Michelle Dessler character
1 p.m.: Kim Goes Back In: Kim Bauer character
2 p.m.: To The Roof: Nina Meyers character
2 p.m.: Chase Undercover: Sid Wilson character
2 p.m.: Reboot: Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler image
3 p.m.: To The Agency: Male CTU Worker character
3 p.m.: Through the Agency: Interview with Carlos Bernard movie
4 p.m.: Jack is Chased: Secret Service character
4 p.m.: Madsen Attacked: Peter Madsen and Sid Wilson image
5 p.m.: Chimp character
6 p.m.: Questioning Donna: Donna Madsen character
6 p.m.: Going after Del Toro: Del Toro character
7 p.m.: Jack Tracks Kim: Del Toro's Guard character
7 p.m.: Jack Heads Into Madsen's Base: Ryan Chapelle character
8 p.m.: Escape from Madsen's Base: Jack Bauer character
8 p.m.: Jack and Kim Escape: Kim Bauer image
8 p.m.: Disabling the Data Scrambler: Female CTU Worker character
9 p.m.: Locating the Bombs: Adam Kaufman character
9 p.m.: Tony Leads a Team to the Bomb: Tony Almeida character
9 p.m.: Bomb Defusal: Agent Pierce character
9 p.m.: Jack Leads a Team to the Bomb: Agent Evans character
9 p.m.: Attack at the Bomb site: Agent Landis character
10 p.m.: After the Earthquake: Agent Baker character
10 p.m.: Madsen has Kate: Kate Warner character
10 p.m.: Going after Madsen: TV Ad 2 Movie
11 p.m.: The Search for Radford: LAPD character
11 p.m.: Hostage Situation: Jody character
12 a.m.: Accessing the Computer Labs: Chase Edmunds image
12 a.m.: Finding the CTU Data Drive: Stripe character
12 a.m.: Escaping Sin Chung's Base: Manuel character
1 a.m.: Looking for Kate: Passenger character
1 a.m.: Protect Chase: President David Palmer character
2 a.m.: Chase Ambushed: Joseph Sin Chung character
2 a.m.: The Informant: Kathy Weis character
2 a.m.: Searching Radford's Office: Gov. James Radford character
3 a.m.: DOD System Hack: Mandy character
3 a.m.: Armored Truck Pursuit: Sonny character
4 a.m.: Ft. Lesker's Control Room: Chase Edmund's character
4 a.m.: Cracking the Codes: Military Base Worker character
4 a.m.: Escape from Ft. Lesker: Interview with Elisha Cuthbert movie
5 a.m.: Raiding the Docks: President Palmer image
5 a.m.: Jack vs. Madsen: Peter Madsen character
5 a.m.: Taking the Ship: Max's Bodyguard character
5 a.m.: The Final Showdown: Max character

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