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>> Download - NFL Blitz 2002 <<

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Download - NFL Blitz 2002 - Xbox

Name of the file: NFL Blitz 2002 - Author: ANO - [XBOX]

Various Cheats:
Use the buttons L, R, and A to change the icons below the helmets on the versus screen. The numbers below show how many times to press each button. After that press the D pad in the direction indicated. Example Clear Weather code press L, R, R, A, A, A, D pad Right
Cheat Press L2, R2, X
More time after plays 0-0-1 Right
No CPU assistance (requires 2 player agreement) 0-1-2 Down
See more field(requires 2 player agreement) 0-2-1 Right
Get Big feet 0-2-5 Left
Get Big shoulders 0-2-5 Right
Get Chimp mode 0-2-5 Up
Get Classic NFL Blitz ball 0-3-0 Left
Get Chrome ball 0-3-0 Left
Fast running speed 0-3-2 Left
Get Indians team 0-4-5 Left
Get Super blitzing 0-5-4 Up
Tourney mode in two team game 1-1-1 Down
Get Super field goals 1-2-3 Left
Clear weather 1-2-3 Right
Get Cowboys team 1-3-5 Left
No punting 1-4-1 Up
Extra Big Head ball carrier 1-4-5 Left
Big head for ball carrier 2-0-0 Right
Big head for team 2-0-3 Right
No first downs 2-1-0 Up
Allow stepping out of bounds 2-1-1 Left
More code entry time 2-1-2 Right
Always QB (two humans on team) 2-2-2 Left
Always receiver (two on team) 2-2-2 Right
Ground fog 2-3-2 Down
Fast passes 2-4-0 Left
Midway team 2-5-3 Right
Rollos team 2-5-4 Up
Bilders team 3-1-0 Up
Smart CPU teammates 3-1-4 Down
No target receiver highlight 3-2-1 Down
Noftle mode 3-2-5 Up
Extra offense plays 3-3-3 Down
Neo Tokyo team 3-4-4 Down
More fumbles 3-4-5 Up
Showtime mode 3-5-1 Right
No interceptions 3-5-5 Up
Crunch Mode team 4-0-3 Right
Power-up offense 4-1-2 Up
Unlimited turbo 4-1-5 Up
Power-up defense 4-2-1 Up
Brew Dawgs team 4-3-2 Down
Gsmers team 5-0-1 Up
Power-up linemen 5-2-1 Up
No random fumbles(requires 2 player agreement) 5-2-3 Down
Armageddon team 5-4-3 Right
No replays 5-5-4 Right
Snowy weather 5-5-5 Left
Rainy weather 5-5-5 Right

Get Other Players:
Use the following ID and pin's

BEAR 1985
CLOWN 1974
DEER 1997
EAGLE 1981
HORSE 1999
LION 1963
PINTO 1966
RAM 2000
RAVEN 2001
TIGER 1977

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