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Name of the file: Smite - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Easy experience and gold:
* The mid-jungle camps marked by the two large harpies will respawn two minutes
after they are cleared. They are worth more experience and gold than the two
smaller harpy camps that are located closer to the phoenixes. Have Junglers
clear those camps as often as possible.
* Kill the Gold Fury on the conquest map to get 300 gold and 200 experience for
your team.
* Kill the Fire Giant on the conquest map to get 150 gold, 200 experience, and
the Fire Giant Buff (increased attack power and mana and health regenerative
ability for four minutes) for your team.

Purification Beads:
Use Purification Beads instead of Sprint or Meditation because it can counter
crowd-control from Ares' chain pull and Ymir's freezing breath.

Magi's Blessing:
When Magi's Blessing is fully built, it provides a shield that negates a single
crowd-control effect every 45 seconds. Use it in conjunction with Purification

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