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>> Download - The Smurfs 2 [Xbox 360] <<

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Download - The Smurfs 2 [Xbox 360] - Xbox360

Name of the file: The Smurfs 2 [Xbox 360] - Author: ANO - [XBOX360]


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

The Story Begins! (5 points): Complete the first level. (Save file owner only)
Like a Walk in the Park (30 points): Complete World 1. (Save file owner only)
Smurf in the Woods (30 points): Complete World 2. (Save file owner only)
The City that Never Smurfs (30 points): Complete World 3. (Save file owner only)
Smurf Exposure (30 points): Complete World 4. (Save file owner only)
Smurf and the Volcano (30 points): Complete World 5. (Save file owner only)
Gargamel Down (30 points): Complete World 6. (Save file owner only)
Use your Smurf ability (10 points): Use your Special Power 15 times in one level.
Coin Collector Smurf (50 points): Collect 50 Smurf Coins. (Save file owner only)
Gotta Smurf them All (100 points): Collect all 100 Smurf Coins. (Save file owner only)
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty... (25 points): When Azrael is pawing inside the cabinet for Smurfs, give him one of Jokey's presents instead.
I'll Smurf the High road... (25 points): Finish a level with another player.
A Friendly game of Leap Smurf (30 points): Free The Cursed Frog without getting hit.
Smurf of the Round Table (30 points): Use one crown to free at least 10 Animal Friends.
Smurf, SMASH! (15 points): Break 100 destructible blocks. (Save file owner only)
Smurf me if you can (30 points): Defeat Azreal without getting hit.
Not so Naughties (30 points): Defeat Hackus and Vexi without getting hit.
Un-Bear-able (30 points): Free The Polar Bear without getting hit.
Smurf From the Ashes (30 points): Free the Phoenix without getting hit.
Magician Smurf (30 points): Defeat Gargamel without getting hit.
Feeling blue (30 points): Stay in one True Blue for 30 seconds.
Truly Blue (30 points): Go True Blue in every level. (Save file owner only)
It Takes a Lot of Guts! (30 points): Use Gutsy Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.
I Hate Special Moves! (30 points): Use Grouchy Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.
Ain't no accident! (30 points): Use Clumsy Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.
Advanced Alchemy! (30 points): Use Papa Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.
And as Papa Smurf always says... (30 points): Use Brainy Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.
I got you a present! (30 points): Use Jokey Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.
You smurfed with the wrong girl! (30 points): Use Smurfette's skill 20 times in one level.
I never met a curl I didn't like (30 points): Use Hefty Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.
So Smurfy it Hurts! (30 points): Use Vanity Smurf's skill 20 times in one level.
Do no Smurf (50 points): Play a level and free no Animal Friends.

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