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>> Download - Braveland Wizard - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Braveland Wizard - Cheat Codes - Pc

Name of the file: Braveland Wizard - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the game hub that corresponds to [Braveland Wizard]. Select the "View Stats" drop down option, then choose the option for your username's achievements.

Achievement How to unlock
Bachelor Degree - Four wizard's spells learned.
Champion - Game completed without using the easy level of difficulty.
Chronicler - Have answered all the questions of the sages.
Cold as Ice - All ice spells learned.
Director's Cut - Unlocked both endings of the game.
Dungeon Crawler - Fought through all dungeons and arenas.
Equipped - All four equipment items on.
Flawless Victory - You defeated the army without losing a single warrior.
Journey Begins! - Neophytes have joined you.
New Horizons - Page on Facebook or Twitter visited.
Red Tag Sale! - Bought an item for hero.
To Arms! - Have won 100 battles.
When Nature Calls! - Three nature spells learned.

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