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>> Download - Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor - Cheat Codes - Pc

Nom du fichier : Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor - Cheat Codes - Auteur : ANO - [PC]

No introduction sequences:
Enter the "ShadowOfMordorgameinterfacevideos" folder in the game's
installation directory. Move the following files into a temporary folder:


When you start the game, the main menu will appear immediately.

Celebrimbor's Quotes
The Wraith, Celebrimbor, will often quote lines from The Lord of the Rings, while referencing events happening in the game:
During Shattered Memories, after waking to find the Graug, Celebrimbor will call out "Fly, you fool!" in reference to Gandalf's line urging the Fellowship to run during his fight with the Balrog.

Upon returning to a Forge Tower, Talion sometimes asks what the Towers are. Celebrimbor will respond that they are a light in the darkness of Mordor, when all others have gone out. This is a reference to the Vial of Galadriel, given to Frodo Baggins.

Talion will make a remark about Torvin being a wanderer, to which Celebrimbor will respond "Not all those who wander are lost," which is a line from the poem All that is gold does not glitter, written by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Batman Reference
Shadow of Mordor's combat isn't the only thing that's inspired by Batman. Once you hunt and kill one the many Morgul Bats that can be found near the caves of Mordor, you'll unlock some info on them in the Nature section of the Appendices. The page for the Morgul Bats details how the rotting flesh on their teeth makes for great poison, and offers an interesting tidbit:
Those Uruks that get poisoned become horribly diseased and bloated, wearing their deformities as marks of honor. The poison slowly eats at their minds, sending them nightmares of a demonic man-bat who preys on fear.
Seeing as the game's publisher, Warner Bros., also publishes the Batman Arkham games, it's no wonder they would include a call-out to the Dark Knight himself.

Steam Achievements

A Graug's Heel - Capitalize on a Warchief's Fear.
A Mighty Doom - Acquire a level 25 Rune.
A New Master - Brand a Captain while in combat.
And it Burns, Burns, Burns - Use the Detonate ability to burn 50 uruks.
Bearer of the Shining Lamp - Collect 100% of the Ithildin.
Beyond Hope - Save Lithariel's life.
Black Celebration - Poison a Captain at his own Feast.
Burning Vengeance - Perform an Execution on a flaming Berserker.
Crowned with Living Light - Collect 50% of the Ithildin.
Divide and Conquer - Eliminate the bodyguards of two Warchiefs, then draw them out and kill them.
Fire of Justice - Complete all Urfael Legend Missions.
Fly you fools! - Make 20 uruks flee by dropping Morgai Fly nests.
For My Brother - Kill the Great White Graug.
Gorthaur the Cruel - Destroy the Monument Gate and topple the statue of Sauron.
Height of Despair - Use Strike From Above while at least 60 feet above your target.
Iron of Death - Issue a Death Threat, and then successfully kill the target.
Jaws of Death - Attract caragors with bait 5 times.
Legend of Shadow - Complete a Dagger Mission and begin growing the legend of Acharn.
Legend of the Maker - Complete a Bow Mission and begin growing the legend of Azkr.
Legend of Vengeance - Complete a Sword Mission and begin growing the legend of Urfael.
Liberator - Complete all Outcast Rescue Missions.
Lord and Master - Brand all 5 Warchiefs.
Master of the Wilds - Complete all Hunting Challenges.
Memories of Eregion - Activate all Forge Towers.
No Power in Numbers - Help a Captain survive a Recruitment Power Struggle, and then kill him and all his new recruits.
Paid in Blood - Unlock 4 Dagger Rune slots.
Paths of the Dead - Collect 25% of the Artifacts.
Power Vacuum - Kill all 5 Warchiefs before any uruk take their place.
Ranger of Ithilien - Complete all Survivalist Challenges.
Ratbag the Great and Powerful - Get Ratbag promoted to Warchief.
Repaid in Blood - Complete a Vendetta Mission.
Rise and Fall - After an uruk kills you to become a Captain, help him become a Warchief, then kill him.
Scout of the Morannon - Successfully complete a Survivalist Challenge.
Shadows of the Ancient Past - Collect 100% of the Artifacts and listen to their memories.
Stinking Rebels - Brand 5 Bodyguards of a Warchief, turning them against him in combat.
Strike True - Unlock 2 Bow Rune slots.
The Bright Master - Discover some of the Wraith's past.
The Cold Light - Unlock 3 Sword Rune slots.
The Free Folk - Complete an Outcast Rescue Mission.
The Hammer Falls - Kill The Hammer.
The Hand is Severed - Kill The Black Hand.
The Last Shadow - Complete all Acharn Legend Missions.
The Maker's Bow - Complete all Azkr Legend Missions.
The Spirit of Mordor - Start a Riot by commanding a Warchief to attack another Warchief.
The Tower Crumbles - Kill The Tower.
The White Rider - Liberate 30 slaves in 180 seconds while riding a caragor.
The White Wizard - Lift Lady Marwen's curse.
Thrill of the Hunt - Successfully complete 4 Hunting Challenges.
To Rule them All - Witness the creation of The Rings of Power.
Unleashed - Free 5 caragors from cages.
You Will Obey - Make an uruk yours.

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