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>> Download - Crash Time 5 : Undercover [Xbox 360] <<

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Download - Crash Time 5 : Undercover [Xbox 360] - Xbox360

Name of the file: Crash Time 5 : Undercover [Xbox 360] - Author: ANO - [XBOX360]


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Finished Jeff Miller (30 points): Finished Jeff Miller.
Finished Chung Kim (40 points): Finished Chung Kim.
Finished Hans Stahl (50 points): Finished Hans Stahl.
Finished Terence McKennan (60 points): Finished Terence McKennan.
Finished Gerome Cassel (70 points): Finished Gerome Cassel.
Finished Gustavo el Loco (80 points): Finished Gustavo el Loco.
Finished Jasper Hounaar (90 points): Finished Jasper Hounaar.
Finished Mario Gandetti (100 points): Finished Mario Gandetti.
Garage Owner (20 points): Unlocked every car.
Track Owner (20 points): Unlocked every track.
Test Driver (30 points): Driven every car in the game at least once.
Track Tester (30 points): Driven a race on every track in the game.
Pilgrim (50 points): Driven 1000 km in the game.
Hotshot (15 points): Destroyed 10 enemies.
Riot (15 points): Made 100 vehicles explode.
Roadhog (15 points): Collided 100 times with traffic.
Clean Lap (15 points): Drove a lap without causing any damage.
Clean Race (20 points): Finished one race without causing any damage.
Long Jump (15 points): Jumped 100 m.
Wrong Direction (15 points): Driven 200 m backwards.
Car-Scrap Bonus (15 points): Totaled your car.
No Speed-Limit (15 points): Driven 280 km/h for 15 seconds.
Got Oil? (20 points): Used the oil thrower on 10 opponents.
Watch you Wheels (20 points): Used the nail band on 10 opponents.
Power Outage (20 points): Used the emp on 10 opponents.
Hooked (20 points): Used the hook on 10 oponents.
Untouchable (20 points): Used the shield 10 times.
Didn't hurt so much (20 points): Used the repair kit 10 times.
No Passage (20 points): Used the road block 10 times.
First Online Victory (15 points): Won an online event in any mode.
Unlimited Health (15 points): Played a deathmatch to the end without dying.
Godmode (20 points): Won a deathmatch without dying.

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