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>> Download - Qualia 3 : Multi Agent - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Qualia 3 : Multi Agent - Cheat Codes - Pc

Name of the file: Qualia 3 : Multi Agent - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Steam Achievements

Achievement How to unlock

8 Feet no Shoes (Kari) Stage 6 Clear.
Abyss Fascination (Kari) 2 hour Played.
Ameba Dancer (Kari) 300 No Damage Kills.
Ameba Eater (Kari) Killed 1000 Enemies.
Beginner Operative Enter Hidden Command 1.
Deep Sea Devourer (Kari) Killed 10,000 Enemies.
Deep Sea Ghost (Kari) 1000 No Damage Kills.
Deep Sea Lover (Kari) 10 Hours Played.
Extra Depth Diver Extra Stage Clear.
Extra Ghost Extra Stage No Damage Clear.
Extra Speed Demon Extra Stage clear under 300 secs.
Invicible Stage 7 No Damage Clear.
Jelly Eater (kari) Stage 4 Clear.
Plankton Evader (Kari) 100 No Damage Kills.
Plankton Taster (Kari) Killed 100 Enemies.
Professional Spy Enter Hidden Command 3.
Sleek Agent Enter Hidden Command 2.
Speed Beginner (Kari) Stage 1 clear under 300 secs.
Speed Demon (Kari) Stage 1 clear under 120 secs.
Speed Runner (Kari) Stage 1 clear under 180 secs.
Starless Sea (Kari) Stage 8 Clear.
Sunless Depth Addict (Kari) 20 Hours Played.
Unblockable Stage 3 No Damage Clear.
Unstoppable Stage 5 No Damage Clear.

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