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>> Download - Telltale Games' Poker Night 2 [Xbox 360] <<

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Download - Telltale Games' Poker Night 2 [Xbox 360] - Xbox360

Name of the file: Telltale Games' Poker Night 2 [Xbox 360] - Author: ANO - [XBOX360]


Avatar Awards

Bloodwing - Unlock Bloodwing by winning Claptrap's bounty item.
GLaDOS - Unlock GLaDOS by winning GLaDOS's bounty item.
Max Hoodie - Unlock Sam and Max gear by winning Sam's bounty item.
Necronomicon - Unlock a flying Necronomicon pet by winning Ash's bounty item.
Sam's Suit - Unlock Sam and Max gear by winning Sam's bounty item.
The Orb - Unlock The Orb by winning Brock's bounty item.


20 - Army Surplus - Unlocked the Army of Darkness theme.
25 - Banjo Hero - Sam's banjo is now yours.
20 - Book 'Em - You now own the scariest book in history.
20 - Border Crossing - Unlocked the Borderlands theme.
25 - Chip on Your Shoulder - Purchased a set of chips.
10 - Deck the Halls - Bought your first deck.
10 - Felt Up - Purchased a felt.
10 - I Tournament to Do That - Won a tournament.
15 - Joint Venture - Unlocked the Venture Bros theme.
25 - One Hand Clapping - Won a hand.
10 - Orb 'n' Legends - The Orb is yours, for better or for worse.
20 - Personality Goes a Long Way - You won a Personality Core. Try not to drop it down the incinerator.
20 - Sam to the Max - Unlocked the Sam & Max theme.
25 - This Was a Triumph - Unlocked the Portal theme.
25 - Trophy Wife - Are you now Character of the Year?
20 - Unlock all the Things - You've unlocked every poker item in the game.
55 - We Are the 1% - You've won a million dollars.
55 - We'll Drink to That - Purchased a drink.

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