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>> Download - King's Bounty : Dark Side - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - King's Bounty : Dark Side - Cheat Codes - Pc

Name of the file: King's Bounty : Dark Side - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Cheat Codes:

Adventure Mode Cheats - Hold down the Shift + ~ keys, and a message box will appear in the middle of the screen. Type in any of the codes below while in Adventure Mode.

Code: Description: name Rename your hero clearwife Removes wife and children spirit [number] Levels up your spirits. Maximum level = 30.

Result Code
Set gold amount - money [number]
Set leadership - leadership [number]
Double troops in indicated slot - doublearmy [1-5]
Double all troops - doublearmy
All level 1 spells to spellbook - magicbook
Get indicated number of all three runes - rune [number]
Get indicated number of crystals - crystal [number]
Get indicated levels - levelup [number]
Increase maximum mana by indicated number - mana [number]
Refill mana - mana
Increases maximum rage by indicated number - rage [number]
Refill rage - rage
Level your spirits - spirit [1-30]
Remove wife and children - clearwife
Rename your hero - name [name]
Spawn boat if already purchased - boat

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