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Download - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Cheat Codes - Pc

Nom du fichier : The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Cheat Codes - Auteur : ANO - [PC]

Infinite XP:
Load the "Raid On Oscorp" mission. Proceed through the mission until you
leave the air vents, and a cutscene will begin, which can be skipped.
Stealth kill four enemies, and then disposed of the final enemy as desired.
After defeating the last enemy, pause the game. Select the "Restart" option,
then choose "Yes" to restart from the last checkpoint, which is where you
leave the air vents. Repeat this process until you reach the desired suit
level. Note: The max suit level is 8.

Easy "I'm On A Roll!" achievement:
You can easily achieve a combo streak of 42 during the combat challenges,
which can be started at the arcade machine in Stan's Comic Book Store
(marked with a blue book-symbol on your map). Simply keep attacking the
last remaining enemy of a round with the Web-Strike attack (RB).
The Web-Strike does not actually do any damage, allowing you to keep
using the move until you have reached the 42 streak combo to get the
"I'm On A Roll!" achievement.

XP Grinding Methods:
* Complete Deadlock side-quests while free-roaming in New York City. These
optional missions appear randomly at different intervals and can be completed
fairly quickly.
* Before grinding Deadlocks, make sure your Heroism Level is 3 or above. Lower
Heroism leads to decreases in your XP gains.
* To quickly complete a Deadlock, use a Stealth Takedown (or 2!) then follow up
with Seismic Blast and Signature Takedowns. Use Web Rush to keep your combo
building and get closer to far-away enemies.
* Completing Deadlocks this way will earn 4000~ XP a pop. There is a strange
bug that causes Spidey to lose combat XP if you complete a Deadlock in a
single unbroken combo, so try to avoid it.

Extra Costumes:
You can access each additional costume indicated below by satisfying the
corresponding requirements.

Big Time Suit - Clear out a hideout.
Flipside - Clear out a hideout.
Hornet Suit - Complete every race.
Ricochet Suit - Advance the story.
Scarlet Spider - Clear out a hideout.
Spider Armor Mk. II - Clear out a hideout.
Spider-Carnage - Complete the main 14 story missions.
Spider-Man 2099 - Clear out a hideout.
Superior Spider-Man - Beat every Arcade challenge.

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