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>> Incredible Hulk : Ultimate Destruction <<

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Incredible Hulk : Ultimate Destruction - Psx

Name of the file: Incredible Hulk : Ultimate Destruction - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Smash point levels:

Level / Title / Password
1 Bruce Banner TRY AGAIN
2 Spiller of Milk MUTANDA
3 Puny Monkey! SMASH5
4 Puny Human! FSHNCHP
5 You're Not Really Trying! OCANADA
6 Big, Green And Useless SMASH15
7 Merely Annoying BANDERA
8 Hulk Smash! DEUTSCH
9 Civil Disaster CABBIES
10 Sheer Carnage! SMASH10
11 Mass Destruction FURAGGU
12 Catastrophic Destruction DRAPEAU
13 Total Devastation! AMERICA
14 Strongest One There Is RETRO
15 Ultimate Destruction! BRING IT

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