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>> Download - Dragon Ball Z : Ultimate Tenkaichi [Xbox 360] <<

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Download - Dragon Ball Z : Ultimate Tenkaichi [Xbox 360] - Xbox360

Name of the file: Dragon Ball Z : Ultimate Tenkaichi [Xbox 360] - Author: ANO - [XBOX360]

Easy way to beat any character
Win a clash with strong attack then keep hitting him up then once enemy is on the ground stay up there and keep using full chared strong ki blast until dead.

Unlockable Super and Ultimate attacks
Here is how to unlock the Super and Ultimate attacks for created characters.
byss Impact - Attain 50% training with Android #18 (Heavy)
Android Charge 14 - Attain 100% training with Android #17 (Heavy)
Brutal Destruction - Attain 61% training with Janemba (Heavy)
Dimension Sword Attack - Attain 100% training with Janemba (Heavy)
Dore Terrible Flash - Attain 100% training with Cui (Heavy)
Eraser Shot Volley - Attain 100% training with Bardock (Heavy)
Full Power S.S. Bomber - Attain 100% training with Android #18 (Heavy)
Galactic Blow - Attain 100% training with Goku (Heavy)
Galactic Tyrant - Attain 100% training with Vegeta (Heavy)
Lightning Shower Rain - Attain 38% training with Janemba (Heavy)
Mystic Crasher - Attain 100% training with Piccolo (Heavy)
Perfect Combination - Attain 50% training with Cell (Heavy)
Please Leave... - Attain 50% training with Piccolo (Heavy)
Silent Assasin 13 - Attain 38% training with Vegito (Standard)
Solar Kamehameha - Attain 70% training with Cell (Heavy)
Trap Shooter - Attain 100% training with Trunks (Heavy)
True Kamehameha - Attain 100% training with Janemba (Standard)
You Are Stronger than I Expected! - Attain 100% training with Frieza

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