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>> Download - Wheel of Fortune [Xbox 360] <<

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Download - Wheel of Fortune [Xbox 360] - Xbox360

Name of the file: Wheel of Fortune [Xbox 360] - Author: ANO - [XBOX360]

My First Puzzle! 5 Solved a puzzle!
Showboat 5 Performed a gesture
Its a Toss Up! 5 Won a Toss Up
Dress For Success 5 Changed Clothes in the Contestant Creator
We Have A Winner! 5 Won your first game
Taking It Easy 5 Won a game on Easy difficulty
Taking on the World 5 Finished an online game
We Still Have A Winner! 10 Won five games
A $2K Round! 5 Won $2,000 in one round
We Really Have A Winner! 15 Won 10 games
What Should I Pick? 5 Looked at the Used Letter Board
Some Wheel Competition 10 Won an online game
Id Like to Solve the Puzzle 15 Solved a puzzle without guessing letters on your turn
Ill Spin 15 Spun the wheel five times in a row
A $5K Round! 10 Won $5,000 in one round
The Minigame Champ! 10 Became a Minigame Champ
Get Out Of There! 15 Lost a prize wedge or tag by Bankrupt
I Like Minigames 20 Played every minigame
Guess Again 20 Guessed five letters in a row
Id Like to Buy Them All 20 Bought every vowel during a puzzle
Not My Day 20 Landed on Bankrupt twice in a row
Wheel Pro! 20 Won 25 games
A $10K Round! 20 Won $10,000 in one round
A Small Fortune! 20 Won $100,000 total
Everything In Its Right Place 20 Owned all props for one set
Toss Up Pro! 20 Won all Toss Ups in a single game
Jackpot! 20 Won a Jackpot
Fortune Flipped! 20 Won $10,000 from a Mystery Wedge
Wheel Watcher 20 Solved 10 Unique Puzzles
Ultimate Minigame Champ 20 Won every minigame
A Talented Medium 25 Won a game on Medium Difficulty
True Bonus 25 Won a bonus round without guessing any letters correctly
A New Car! 25 Won a vehicle!
Fashionista 25 Acquired all contestant clothes and logos
A $25K Round! 30 Won $25,000 in one round
A Growing Fortune! 30 Won $250,000 total
A $35K Round! 35 Won $35,000 in one round
A Hard Act to Follow 45 Won a game on Hard Difficulty
What A Fortune! 45 Won $1M total
A Massive Fortune! 50 Won $500,000 total
On Location! 50 Unlocked all sets and their props
Wheel Master! 50 Won 50 Games
Wheels on the Wheel 50 Won a car by getting both car tags
Instant Millionaire! 55 Won the $1M Prize
Ive a Good Feeling About This! 55 Solved a puzzle with only one letter revealed

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