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>> Download - Sonic And Knuckles - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Sonic And Knuckles - Cheat Codes - Pc

Nom du fichier : Sonic And Knuckles - Cheat Codes - Auteur : ANO - [PC]

Extra points
Jump and hit the end of act marker. 100 points are awarded every time the marker is hit.

Fight Robitnik in Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2 as Knuckles
Get three Chaos Emeralds (no more and do not fail in getting any) in Act 1, and three more in Act 2 (again not failing). Fail at getting the seventh Chaos Emerald before the pulley leading up to the battle with the Act 2 Boss. Find another Chaos Emerald far off to the left and succeed in getting it. Make sure to have well over 50 rings and pass the lamp post slowly (stop just after hitting it). If you see red stars, jump in and get more rings. When out of the goal, power up to Super Knuckles only as you are jumping to get the last three rings. Run over to the "underground" machine and jump on it, standing there after the one jump. You should see Dr. Ivo Robotnik in the machine instead of Robo-Robotnik. It seems to work most of the time.

Hidden area in Mushroom Hill Zone
Find the first pulley in the gray area of Mushroom Hill. This is the pulley leads to the Act 2 Boss. Go up the pulley on the left hand side. When you get to the top, Spindash into the spring. You will be sent up through the ceiling into a secret area with two shields. This can be done with any character. It is important that you go up on the left hand side of the pulley.

Dr. Robotnik in disguise
If you play as Knuckles, and have ever wondered who the weird robot-like boss is that takes the place of Dr. Robotnik, it is actually Robotnik in disguise. He is attempting to kill Knuckles so he can take the Master Emerald for himself. Knuckles only finds out that Robotnik is trying to steal the emerald when he is caught trying to take the emerald in the Hidden Palace zone. (If you are playing as Sonic or Tails, this happens after the battle with Knuckles).

Defeating final Eggman
After becoming Super Sonic, you will find the big ship. Go in front, so that the ship fires missiles. Make the missiles hit the top right part of ship. After hitting it eight times, it will be destroyed. Eggman will jump into a space suit and fly through space. Pace yourself and get plenty of rings. When you have at least fifteen, go forward quickly and hit the Master Emerald. Do this eight times to complete the game.

Sign points
After defeating a Boss, a sign will drop down from the sky where the enemy was defeated. Jump up and hit the sign to get 100 points for each hit. Also, if you let it drop it will sometimes make a ring package or a type of power-up appear from the ground.

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