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>> Download - Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag - Cheat Codes - Pc

Nom du fichier : Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag - Cheat Codes - Auteur : ANO - [PC]

Infinite Money
The following glitch can be done at any point once you have access to the specified sequence and memory. You can get approximately 35,000 R every seven minutes using this glitch and the money earned can be used to easily buy ALL the weapons and gear in the game. Watch the video below to see how it is performed.

Easy Boarding
If you are going up against big ships (like frigates), position your ship near your target and then swim to the ship to take the crew out in close quarters combat. When you've done that, swim back to the Jackdaw and then hit each ship with one broadside. You immediately win the boarding sequence that follows, without having to go into heavy fighting.

Infinite Money (Exploit)
In Sequence 2: Memory 3, you'll encounter an optional objective requiring you to pickpocket all Templars. There are three of them in the area, which follows shortly after a checkpoint. You can pick their pockets, then chose the option to "Reload Last Checkpoint." When you do, you'll find that the money you pocketed remains in your possession. You can repeat the process as often as you like before continuing the mission, and you can also come back to the mission later in the game if you wish. It's possible to earn 35,000R after around 7 minutes of effort. This exploit may soon be patched, so you'll want to play using the game's initial version if that proves to be the case.

Unlockable Costumes

You can unlock a variety of costumes by satisfying certain conditions, including having saves and Uplay investments from previous games in the series that are available on the platform. The available costumes and the corresponding conditions required are listed below.

Altair Robes Requires data from first Assassin's Creed
Ezio Robes Requires data from Assassin's Creed 2
Connor Robes Requires data from Assassin's Creed 3
Altar Ibn-LaAhad Outfit Requires Uplay data from 1 prior Assassin's Creed title
Connor Kenway Outfit Requires Uplay data from 3 prior Assassins Creed titles
Cat Outfit Purchase required pelts from any general store
Hunter Outfit Craft after purchasing the red howler monkey skin and the white jaguar pelt from any general store
Stealth Outfit Complete half of the the Assassin contracts
Mayan Outfit Open the secret door in Tulum after gathering the 16 Mayan stones by completing the Mayan Stelae missions
Templar Outfit Open the cage in the Great Inagua hideout using keys gained by completing the 16 Templar Hunt missions
Edward The Legend Outfit Play in single-player while wearing Edward's authentic pirate outfit (costs 20 Uplay points)
The Blades of Toledo Pack Play in single-player while wearing the Blades of Toledo (costs 30 Uplay points)
The Vengeful Daughter Pack Access the Lady Black's Vengeful Daughter costume in multiplayer (costs 40 Uplay points)

The IT Crowd
If you go to the map near the entrance to the modern-day Abstergo offices, you can overhear two co-workers talking about Chicago. If you wait a minute or two, they will begin talking about John from IT. The male worker comments that whenever he requests help, John replies smugly with "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" That appears to be a reference to the popular British comedy, "The IT Crowd."

Hunt a Killer Whale (Killer Killer Achievement)
It is advised that you purchase plenty of Harpoon upgrades before starting this event as the extra armour, harpoon storage and strength will make hunting wales easier. Find a Killer Whale hunting location (one can be found at the coordinates: 537, 340 on the world map) and sail until a deck hand announces that prey can be seen. When the prompt button appears Kenway will be sent out to hunt the killer whale. Peg the whale with a harpoon so you follow it but be careful when it dives underwater because when it reappears it will charge the boat. If you do not hit it with a harpoon when it charges the boat you will take some damage. When you have depleted the whales health bar (top left corner of the screen) the event has been completed and you will have earned the Killer Killer

Elite Ship Upgrade Plan Locations

Search the following coordinates on the world map to find a special chest with the corresponding Elite Ship Upgrade Plans inside.

Elite Round Shot Strength

Location: Kabah Ruins (coordinates: 769, 145)

Elite Hull Armour

San Ignacio (coordinates: 379, 770)

Elite Swivel Guns

Devil's Eye Cave (coordinates: 487, 357)

Elite Harpoon Strength

Treasure Map – Mariguana Island (coordinates: 880, 544). Look on the rocks west-of-center.

Andreas Island (coordinates: 579, 720). Dig on a tiny island with three palm trees on the very southern edge of the area.

Elite Broadside Cannons Set

The Blue Hole (coordinates: 471, 170)

Elite Heavy Shot Storage

Treasure Map – Cayman Sound (coordinates: 327, 334). Look on the northeastern beach, near a chest.

Petite Cavern (coordinates: 901, 263).

Elite Heavy Shot Strength

Treasure Map – Ambergris Key (coordinates: 55, 178).

Misteriosa (coordinates: 307, 195).

Elite Fire Barrel Strength

Treasure Map – Santanillas (coordinates: 55, 178) Found on the tiny island in the northeast corner.

San Juan (coordinates: 479, 487).

Elite Fire Barrel Storage

Treasure Map – Kenway's Fleet Mission – 3 Missions Unlock Treasure Maps, Empty Cellar (Eastern British Colonies), Scarlatina (Eastern Canada), and Great Reputation II (Mediterranean Sea).

Isla Providencia (Coordinates: 502, 44). Dig on the beach near an old shipwreck in the water, between three palm trees.

Elite Ram

La Concepcion Shipwreck (coordinates: 181, 296).

Elite Mortars

Antocha (coordinates: 630, 660).

Elite Mortars Storage

Treasure Map – Tortuga (coordinates: 882, 370). Walk up the east beach to find.

Matanzas (coordinates: 333, 650).

Underwater Shipwrecks Locations Guide

When you complete Sequence 6-1 the following shipwrecks will become available at the indicated coordinates on the map.

Shipwreck #1:

San Ignacio (coordinates: 378, 769).

Shipwreck #2:

Petite Caverne (coordinates: 901, 264).

Shipwreck #3:

Jiguey (coordinates: 564, 539).

Shipwreck #4:

Atocha (coordinates: 632, 661).

Shipwreck #5:

Black Trench (coordinates: 221, 449).

Shipwreck #6:

Location: San Juan (coordinates: 480, 486).

Shipwreck #7:

Devil’s Eyes Cave (coordinates: 487, 356).

Shipwreck #8:

Anotto Bay (coordinates: 622, 276).

Shipwreck #9:

Ambergris Key (coordinates: 55, 177).

Shipwreck #10:

The Blue Hole (coordinates: 470, 170).

Shipwreck #11:

Kabah Ruins (coordinates: 768, 144).

Shipwreck #12:

La Concepcion Shipwreck (coordinates: 180, 296).

Shipwreck #13:

Antocha (coordinates: 629, 661).

Unlock Costumes

Completing the following tasks will unlock the corresponding costume.

Governor's Costume:
Find and share a social chest. Social chests will randomly appear while online.

Explorer Costume:
Complete Community Challenge #6. Community challenges will randomly appear while online.

Stealth Costume:
Complete 50% of the Assassin Contract side quests. This costume decreases visibility and improves stealth.

Mayan Costume:
Find and solve ALL 16 Mayan Stela puzzles to unlock the secret door in Tulum (70, 405 coordinates). Open the secret door to get the Mayan costume. This costume deflects ALL bullet attacks.

Officer's Costume:
Complete the 'Great Reputation 1' trading mission to Gibraltar with Kenway's Fleet (Mediterranean Sea mission).

Templar Armour:
Complete ALL Templar Hunt side quests, then open the cage in the Great Inagua hideout using the 5 Templar keys. This costume provides 25% damage reduction.

Crafted Costumes

Feline Pelt Costume:
Craft it using a Jaguar Pelt and Ocelot Pelt.

Hunter Costume:
Craft it using a Red Howler Monkey Skin and White Jaguar Pelt. This costume reduces animal aggression.

Shark Hunter Costume:
Craft it using a Bull Shark Skin and Hammerhead Shark Bone.

Whaler Costume:
Craft it using 3 White Whale Skins.

General Store Costumes

Brown Cloak:
Purchase for 1,500 R.

Crimson Cloak Costume:
Purchase for 3,000 R.

Merchant Costume:
Purchase for 10,000 R.

Pirate Captain Costume:
Purchase for 8,000 R.

Pirate Cloak:
Purchase for 6,000 R.

Politician's Costume:
Purchase for 12,000 R.

Privateer Costume:
Purchase for 5,000 R.

Classic Assassin and Uplay Costumes

Altair's Robes:
Have a saved game file from Assassin's Creed, and an internet connection to retrive the costume.

Connor Kenway's Costume:
Have a saved game file from Assassin's Creed 3, and an internet connection to retrive the costume.

Edward The Legend Costume:
Purchase for 20 Uplay points.

Ezio Auditore's Robes:
Have a saved game file from Assassin's Creed 2, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, or Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and an internet connection to retrive the costume.

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