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>> Download - The Conduit [Wii] <<

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Download - The Conduit [Wii] - Wii

Name of the file: The Conduit [Wii] - Author: ANO - [WII]

Unlockable: Exclusive ASE Skin
Enter the following (CASE SENSITIVE) code under "Promotional Code" in the Extras Menu to unlock the ASE (All-Seeing Eye) for single- player mode: NewASE11

Unlockable: Secret Service Skin
Enter the following (CASE SENSITIVE) code under "Promotional Code" in the Extras Menu to unlock the Secret Service skin for online play: SuitMP13

Unlockable: Cheats
Gathering Achievements unlocks the following cheats for single-player ONLY. They may be toggled on and off in the Cheats Menu under Main


* Stopping Power (One hit kills) - Earn the "Campaign Award" Achievement / Complete all single-player missions
* Fully Stocked (Infinite Ammo) - Earn the "Annihilator Award" Achievement / Kill 1,000 enemies
* Fiery Death (Disintegrations for all enemies) - Earn the "Secret Master Award" Achievement / Find all secrets (Data Disks and Hidden Messages) in the single-player campaign

Unlockable: Concept Art
You can unlock six concept art galleries by collecting the Conspiracy Data Disks. For every ten you collect, you unlock one of the six galleries. You may collect them in any order.

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