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Download - Dark Chronicle - Psx

Name of the file: Dark Chronicle - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Fish breeding
bon + priscleen = hamahama
gummy + kaji =heela
priscleen + tarton = niler
bon + niler = gobbler
niler + heela = den
den + niler = gummy
gobbler + gummy = nonky
The bigger the fish you breed the bigger the baby fish that is born.

Fish food and bait
The following foods/bait improove your fishes stats:
prickly = tenacity
mimi = endurance
evy = stamina
carrot = changes fish gender
potato cake = stamina
minon = boost
batton = tenacity
petite fish = endurance

When you breed fish with high but different stats that fish will receive both its parents combined stats.

What to make
These are some things you have make on dark chronicle:

Paints-Parasol-Cup makes clown body
Fountain-Window-Wooden box makes aquarium
Car-Cart-Wheel makes Caterpillar

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