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>> Download - Disney's Toontown Online - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Disney's Toontown Online - Cheat Codes - Pc

Name of the file: Disney's Toontown Online - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Toons Of The World Unite!
You may have seen other toons using a emotion when they jump in the air and shout "Toons Of The World Unite!"
Well you can get it! First of all, you MUST be subscribed.
Go to Talking In Your Sleep: Voice Training in Donald's Dreamland.
It's on Pajama Place. Go inside and say "Would you like some help?" located in Friendly. Then, the toon behind the counter should whisper to you. I'm not telling you what they say, though.You can then use the saying as much as you want!

Walking On Invisible Stairs
First, go to Loopy Lane in Toontown Central, then you have to come to the Goofy statue near one of the houses. When at the statue, go to the big yellow house. Jump over the fence surrounding it, and if you walk backwards, you will walk up invisible stairs into the sky.

Walk With Fishing Pole
To do this glitch, you must go to your toon's estate. Then you walk up to the dock to fish and then exit, jump and press the down button on your keyboard and then close your book and you will be able to walk around with your fishing pole in hand!
NOTE: Disappears after transporting.

Stand by the "Party planner" area. Open your shitcker book and click someones name (on the sides of the screen) press the "Esc" button on your keyboard and "Report" On the player card at the same time. Do not close the report box. Walk into the Party planner and close the report box and not the party planner box. Press the "Esc" button and close the party box at the exact same time. Go to the "Options & Codes" page and press "Exit toontown" Press "yes" then rapidly JUMP (Ctrl)

Go to your estate, inside your house walk as close as you can to the door without going outside. Press "move furniture" and quickly walk forward into the door. You should be invisible by the time you get out. You can now walk through walls! but if you want to move around normally just walk to the bottom of your pond and you will be a regular toon except.. invisble :3

Other toons won't be able to teleport to you while you are invisible

To stop being invisible go to your estate and press "move furniture"

Park flying
Stand by the "Party planner" area. Open your shitcker book and click someones name (on the sides of the screen) press the "Esc" button on your keyboard and "Report" On the player card at the same time. Do not close the report box. Walk into the Party planner and close the report box and not the party planner box. Press the "Esc" button and close the party box at the exact same time. Go to the "Options & Codes" page and press "Exit toontown" Press "yes" then rapidly JUMP (Ctrl)

Double Line Glitch
This glitch requires the use of the Fishing Glitch.
First, perform the Fishing Glitch(jump into deep water off a pier, open your book with good timing as you run backwards), then cast. Go to another pier, and cast again. You've done it!
This is kind of a waste of jellybeans though, but it's kind of funny

onalds dock glitchs!!!
1. Walk under water?
Everyone has seen someone walk under water is they have ever been to donalds dock.How? Well this what you need to do. get at least 5 spaces back from the water. walk the n hold the jump button (ctrl). when you reach water DO NOT LET GO OF EITHER OF THESE BUTTONS for at least 8 seconds. If the screen bounces you almost had it... Otherwise you will be walking under water and can let go of ctrl and foward. It is a very hard glitch to master.
2. Swim past the bank?
Ok well get on the island facing the path that goes to The Brrrgh. (other side of island) then on the left side you will see steps down the dock... aim for the meeting of the bank and the wood part of dock.swim swim swim the you will hit dock scooting you over towrd bank (keep swiming) sometimes this works if it does you should be behind bank!!
3. Get behind fences?
ok look at the path leading to the brrrgh at the playground. See the fence direactly left to that? ok simply walk into the fence 7 boards over tops. You will walk right through!
Enjoy these! From you friend Sarah Smile

Steal Clothing!
If you want some cool clothes and don't have the jellybeans for 'em, it's your lucky day! After many seconds of fooling around, I have found a way to clone clothes! First, find a friend who hads found a way to put thier closet inside of their wall. Go inside the wall and open the closet. As the notice that says "This is not your closet but you may try thier clothes on", go to you're Speed Chat button and select Wave in the My Emotions section. The messege should dissapear and you will be wearing the clothes you tried on! And this is permanent! The only way they will come off is if you go into your closet again.

Float Around
If you go to Chip N' Dales Acorn Acres, go to one of the geysers (it doesn't matter which one). Get on top of it and then, when it's about to blow, open your book and select 'Go Home'. It should show you going up in the air and going home. Now, although you may not see it, a clone of you is formed on the side of the geyser once you perform the glitch. Your feet are close together and your arms are out straight out. This clone will appear at the acres until you go there again. Now, when you are at home, you will still be floating! Although, when 1:00 is up at home, you should suddenly appear next to your fishing pond for some reason!

How to get through some walls
Toontown central:Go to the wall next to goofy's gag shop (near the trolley) and you'll see a corner. walk into the wall near that corner and you'll move to the side. Keep walking. Once your inside the playing feild turn and walk.

Donalds dock: Go to the side of the deck that leads to acorn acres and continue to walk down. When you come to the wall,walk in.

Minnies melodey land: Go to goofy's gag shop and walk into the outer corner of the boxes. once the screen makes the wall dissapear you turn and walk.This may take a few tries,but trust me,it works!

Acorn acres: Walk up and face the wall and summon someone to you. They'll appear inside the wall. then teleport to them. You're in!

Inside of your home: Way 1: Go to move your objects and put everything in your attic except your closet if you want a room out there (it looks entirely green until you talk on the phone,open your book,etc.Then make your closet face the wall.Go back to your home and go into your closet and then hit cancel. Your in the outfeild. Way 2: go into move objects mode and enter your living room(the room with the fireplace). Walk against the back wall and your out. (for both modes:If you want you can open the move objects page and make a wall paper or flooring though.) Note: endtables float in mid-air back there.

To get on the roof: Run back from a roof and jump,and you should land on the roof. This takes practice,though.

I'm currently working on daisy's garden,goofy's speedway,every gag shop,donalds dreamland,the brrgh,all of the cog headquaters,every street,toon homes (outside),and all speedway tracks! Boy,do I have a cramped scedual ahead of me!

How to Knock Off the System
If you go to Donald's Dock stage, you should see a fence surronding the area. Go around the stage until you see the street called 'Lighthouse Lane'. Go to the left of this street and keep running into the fence until you walk right through. The developers forgot to make a little piece of the fence solid. If you go through her eyou will be able to venture off into the abyss. Also, if you repeatedly open and close your book, you will fall down the stage about an inch each time you open it. This also works with houses, but that's another glitch.

How to tell someone ONLINE you want to be their True Friend.
Ok, we all know if you're friends in real life you can exchange a code blah blah blah. But what about online? Well if someone comes up to you and says 'Please be my friend!' then- 'Toontastic Toontastic' or thanks or something, but something that begins with t or they bark/meow/neigh whatever, they want to be true friends with you. If you get it, say ok, then they will say something. Say the code it TT 8oh pix. (I made that up randomly) Here is what they would do/say:
'Toontastic Toontastic *jumps 8 times* oh no help please be my friend I need a Toon Up' jumping is numbers. Now the last letter, x, is not on the Speedchat. if you get a code with a letter you do not think is on the Speedchat, check it, if it isn't, get another.

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