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>> Download - Wanderlust : Rebirth - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Wanderlust : Rebirth - Cheat Codes - Pc

Name of the file: Wanderlust : Rebirth - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Steam achievements:
! - Complete a side quest.
AAAARrrrrRRggGGGhhhHHH!!! - Use a Soul Charge.
Almost a Hero - Get ending 2.
Bedazzled! - Augment an item.
Bloody Injustice - Defeat a Blood Golem in The Crawl.
Can't Touch This! - Beat Chapter 10 without getting hit on Epic.
Chain Gang - Wear all unique gear.
Chicken! - Open the blue chest in The Crawl.
Companionship - Complete a Chapter (2 Players).
Davey Would be Proud - Defeat Chapter 9 secret boss on Epic.
Die Hard - Beat the game without returning to the lobby.
DING! - Get 100% on every Chapter.
Don't Feed the Slime - Fully feed a Blood Slime.
Gamblin' Ramblin' Man - Roll the Luck Box in The Crawl.
Gregin's Mighty Touch - Change the gender of your character.
Hasta la Vista, Baby - Complete a challenge.
Jelly Shots - Defeat Chapter 2 secret boss on Epic.
Just Getting Started - Complete Chapter 1 on Normal mode.
More the Merrier - Complete a Chapter (3-4 Players).
Now That's a Knife! - Equip a Legendary weapon.
Now That's a Nice Chest! - Open a secret chest.
Rookie Life - Almost survived the tutorial.
Smells Fishy - Defeat Chapter 5 secret boss on Epic.
Take it Back to the Carpet - Re-spec your character.
The Wolf Pack - Defeat Chapter 6 secret boss on Epic.
This Story is Happy End - Get ending 3.
Took the Blue Pill - Get ending 1.
Valandrian Horders - Collect a stack of 99 for any material.
Wild Sergey Appears! - Get sax rolled!
WINNING! - Open the orange chest in The Crawl.

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