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>> Download - Marvel Super Hero Squad : The Infinity Gauntlet [Xbox 360] <<

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Download - Marvel Super Hero Squad : The Infinity Gauntlet [Xbox 360] - Xbox360

Name of the file: Marvel Super Hero Squad : The Infinity Gauntlet [Xbox 360] - Author: ANO - [XBOX360]

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
The Power Stone (15 points): Find the Power Stone.
The Rhythm Stone (15 points): Find the Rhythm Stone?
The Mind Stone (15 points): Find the Mind Stone.
The Time Stone (15 points): Find the Time Stone.
The Soul Stone (15 points): Find the Soul Stone.
The Space Stone (15 points): Find the Space Stone.
The Reality Stone (15 points): Find the Reality Stone.
Stark Certified (15 points): Complete Iron Mans Heroic Feats.
Deadly Darling (15 points): Complete Black Widows Heroic Feats.
Slice N Dice (15 points): Complete Wolverines Heroic Feats.
T-Rex Nino (15 points): Complete Reptils Heroic Feats.
The Hulkster (15 points): Complete Hulks Heroic Feats.
Law and Order (15 points): Complete She-Hulks Heroic Feats.
The Human Rocket (15 points): Complete Novas Heroic Feats.
Mightier than Thou! (15 points): Complete Thors Heroic Feats.
Clearly Forceful (15 points): Complete Invisible Womans Heroic Feats.
Woman with Vision (15 points): Complete Scarlet Witchs Heroic Feats.
Webslinger (15 points): Complete Spider-Mans Heroic Feats.
Super Achiever! (100 points): Complete All Heroic Feats.
Speed Thrills! (15 points): Complete Quicksilver's Heroic Feats.
Flying High (15 points): Complete Falcon's Heroic Feats.
Squad Initiate (30 points): Complete Story Mode on Easy Difficulty
Squad Member (50 points): Complete Story Mode on Normal Difficulty
Squad Hero (100 points): Complete Story Mode on Challenging Difficulty
Safety First (10 points): Defend the S.H.I.E.L.D. Building without losing a cooling vent.
Elite Hack Master (20 points): Complete every Hack challenge.
Robo Racer (20 points): Complete every Race challenge.
Challenge Master (100 points): Complete every challenge.
You've got the Super Power! (10 points): Collect all Power Stone Fragments.
You are feeling the Rhythm! (10 points): Collect all Rhythm Stone Fragments.
Time Management! (10 points): Collect all Time Stone Fragments.
Mind over Mind Fragments! (10 points): Collect all Mind Stone Fragments.
The Soul of a Hero! (10 points): Collect all Soul Stone Fragments.
Shiny Space Fragments! (10 points): Collect all Space Stone Fragments.
Reality Fragmented! (10 points): Collect all Reality Stone Fragments.
Fragment Collector (50 points): Collect all Infinity Stone Fragments.
Heroic Attack! (5 points): Perform a Heroic attack.
Heroic Hero! (15 points): Defeat six or more enemies with a single heroic attack.
Deflected! (5 points): Reflect an enemies attack back at them.
Take That, Villain! (15 points): Defeat an enemy with a parry.
Super Hero Up! (10 points): Revive a teammate.
Super Revive Hero (15 points): Revive a teammate 10 times.
Hero Punch (5 points): Break through the defenses of a defending enemy.

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