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Download - WWF SmackDown - Psx

Nom du fichier : WWF SmackDown - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Ranking trick:
If you are having problems in a game while trying to improve you ranking try this:

1) Take you chars and generate them at 100 points start 20 seasons in.
2) Take a different memory cart and create a new game on it
3) Reload your original game and make back up copies of your 100 point characters
4) Create copies of your characters on the new game cartridge
5) Load the new game all ranking will be set back to original but you have a hard character
6) Take the top 5 ranked characters out of the season and you will improve they will not.

This should allow you to increase your ranking very quickly as you shouldn't lose many matches and the top 5 rankings aren't fighting (remember you cant take out the title holders)

Extra Stone Cold Steve Austin stuff:
If you do a pre-season and win every match except the Royal Rumble you get a new version of Stone Cold Steve Austin with his hunting hat, a pair of jeans, and a shirt with a skull bench pressing.

How to create Goldberg:
Head: 0
Upper: 5
Lower: 6

Height: 40%
Weight: 40%
Skin: 2
Weapon: Himself
Special move: Brainbuster
rename: Jackhammer

How to get Scotty 2 Hotty:
1. Select expedition
2. Select a single match
3. Then at the character list choose stone cold
4. Then choose the person you would like to fight
5. When the decision board comes up take off KO and GIVE UP
6. During the match you must do 5 stunners to get Scotty 2 Hotty

Double-Team Senton Bomb:
Select a Handicap match and set up as 1P and 2P vs. Com. Have a friend be Player2. Select the Hardy boys for players 1 and 2,and any one else for the com. Beat up your opponet badly, until Jeff Hardy has a green dot. Then, slam your opponet face up in the middle of the ring both players 1 and 2 sholdclimb the turnbuckels opposite each other. Have the player controlling Jeff press L1 and the player controling Matt press X at the same time. If done correctly, they preform a double Setoff Bomb and will score an easy victory.

Hardy Boys move:
Use the Hardy Boys or Edge/Christian. Throw opponent in turnbuckle. Put one of your guys near opponent in turnbuckle and push L2. Take other Hardy/Edge/Christian and run to teammate and push X when he jumps off.

Do many pre-seasons to unlock more stuff like a new Rock and the ability to skip pre-season.

Extra ability points:
To get extra ability points for a newly created wrestler. Firstly complete the season mode 5 times (thats to get 80), to get 90 complete it 10 times and to get 100 complete it 20 times.

Get Rock+:
to get Rock+ you have to lose to Mankind in pre-season and then lose to The Rock in the I QUIT MATCH.

How to do the 3D:
Put the stunned opponent with his back facing the ropes then put D'von infront of opponent and get Bubbah Rah to run against the same ropes as the said opponent and press L1 at the same time (both Dudleys must have finishers).

Appear as the acolytes:
Create a tag match with Ferrouc and Bradshaw and they will appear as the acolytes.

Table and Ladder matches:
Complete 100 seasons playing every match and you get Table and Ladder Matches

Superstar head:
On create a superstar put funny as a charictaristic and your superstar will have no body only a head.



Bonus wrestlers in season mode:
Complete the indicated number of years in season mode to unlock the corresponding bonus wrestler.

Ivory - 1 year
Prince Albert - 2 years
Jacqueline - 3 years
Viscera - 4 years
Mideon - 6 years
Gerald Brisco - 7 years
Pat Patterson - 8 years

Other arena areas:
Press Circle (Irish Whip) near the entrance of the center area to access other areas in the arena.

Finishing move:
When your meter has at least one of the dots highlighted, simply press L1 from the position from which your wrestler performs their finisher. For example, to perform Jeff Hardy's Sunton Bomb, knock your opponent down on the ground with at least one of the dots highlighted, climb the turnbuckle, and press L1.

More weapons:
When you are in a Fall Anywhere match you can get more objects by whipping wrestlers into things. For example, in the parking lot, whip someone into the ambulance to get a stretcher. Whip someone into the fire extinguisher box on the wall to get the extinguisher. In the back room after the stage, whip someone into the soda machine to get a soda/beer can out of it.

More created wrestler moves:
Simply put your skill to a higher setting to get more moves for a created wrestler. Additionally, edit the "Fighting Style" to "Powerful", then go to "Ability". Increase "Powerful" to level five. Insert all the desired moves, then exit and save. Go to fighting style again. Repeat those steps to set "Technique", "Speedy", and "Rough Neck" to "Powerful". Although this is cumbersome, it is worth the effort to have all the higher level moves when you create a superstar.

Pre-Season bonuses:
Successfully complete a Pre-Season. Once WrestleMania is over, Vince McMahon will approach you in the back and tell you that you can continue with the WWF. Once he is through, the Smackdown symbol will appear, and the game will congratulate you. It will then announce that a bonus has been unlocked. These include: Stevie Richards in Create-A-Superstar mode, The Rock's new outfit, Stone Cold's new outfit, extra character points, character skills, and a wealth option for your status.

Get season mode bonuses easily:
Enter season mode and set all wrestlers to CPU players. Then, skip each match until a season is completed to unlock the bonus (if any) for completing that season.



Boiler Room Brawl:
Start an anywhere match. When you get to pick where you start from pick the Boiler Room. Now when the match starts don't leave the Boiler Room. It will seam like your in a Boiler Room Brawl if you stay in there.

If you have a fued with Gangrel in Pre-Season, you will get a bloodbath in the normal season mode. Note:It might take a while for Gangrel to do this.

Dudleys 3D:
The 3D is not in the game.

Morphing Hands:
When creating a wrestler,pick the last shirt.When you start a match your hands will morph into different stuff as you fight, taunt, ect.

Undertaker's ceremony:
In Season mode as you skip matches and intermission sequences appear, eventually The Undertaker and Paul Bearer will be in the ring and the Undertaker's symbol will be in the air. Note: It may take some time for this to happen.

Combo moves:
Each wrestler has a combo. Repeatedly press X and they will do a 4-5 hit combo.

Stop The People's Elbow:
This can happen only in a 3-way or 4-way dance match. Have The Rock pummel another wrestler bad enough and when he is about to perform the The People's Elbow, face him. When he starts running to one side of the ring, run after him and press Circle. You will give him a Bulldog -- or wait until he turns and hit him with a clothesline.

Hold all belts:
To hold all of the WWF belts, set your player's gender to "Unknown". This will allow him to get both the women's and men's title belts. Note: This only works after creating a superstar.

Pre-season "I Quit" match:
When playing pre-season, if you lose the match to Mankind, you will have to fight The Rock in an " I Quit" Match at Survivor Series instead of the tag match against Edge & Christian.

Change weapons:
Press R1 to pick up a weapon. Then throw it out of the ring, and go outside the ring. Get close to the ring. as you would to get back in. Press R1 while facing the ring. Your wrestler will grab another weapon from under the ring. You can keep repeat this until getting the weapon of your choice.

Climb out of the cage:
Press R1 to start climbing the cage,then keep pressing R1 and up at the same time.You will climb the cage faster.

Ball Breaker on the post:
Note: This is a difficult trick to perform. Throw your opponent to the any of the four posts, but make sure they are standing towards you or has their head on the ring post. Once this is done, get out of the ring as quickly as possible and grab your leg of your opponent that is closer to the post. If done correctly, your opponent will fall and your wrestler can perform the Ball Breaker.

Referee poses:
For different referee poses, press L2 and the D-pad in various directions. For a fast count, quickly press L2.

Face opponent's back when picking up:
Press Circle, Circle when picking up your opponent. This is useful for wrestler such as Road Dogg when performing a finishing move.

Attack Vince McMahon:
Go through pre-season until Triple H asks to beat up Vince, If you do, Shane-O-Mac will save Vince with a steel chair. If you choose not to,HHH will beat you up or you will help Shane attack HHH.

Get D-Generation-X -:
Say "Shut Up" to every Dx member you talk to during the pre-season.

Get D-Generation-X +:
Say "Thanks" to every Dx Member in the pre-season that is encountered.

The Rock and Sock Connection:
Just create a tag team match with The Rock and Mankind.

New Age Outlaws:
Just create a tag team match with the Road Dogg and Bad Ass Billy Gunn and they appear with the New Age Outlaws video, music and name.

The Dudly Boyz:
In a tag team match, select Buh Buh Ray and D'von and they will appear as the Dudley Boyz.

The Hardy Boyz:
In a tag team match, select Matt and Jeff Hardy and they will appear as the Hardy Boyz.

Hold all belts:
To hold all of the WWF belts, set your player's gender to "Unknown". This will allow him to get both the women's and men's title belts. Note: This only works after creating a superstar.

Created wrestler appears with the Godfathers Ho's:
Set your created wrestler's ring entrance to The Godfather and he will appear with the ho's.

Created wrestler with longer theme music:
When creating a wrestler, use the Stonecold Special as your winning move.

Mankind's chair attack on The Outlaws:
During pre-season mode, if you are confronted by HHH he will give you advice. If you tell him to shut up, you will be attacked by DX later and Mankind will come to the rescue with a chair to help you out of trouble.

The Rock's invisible elbow pad:
Use The Rock as a guest referee and have him do the People's Elbow. He will take off the elbow pad and throw it in the crowd. If the move is repeated, he will take off the elbow pad again (which was already thrown) and throw it in the crowd.

Debra's outfit:
Get a friend to play against you. Select Debra as you wrestler, and any other wrestler for player two. Have player two make Debra fall on her back with her feet towards the screen. Debra will seem to have nothing on under her skirt.


Create wrestlers:

Name: Tazz
Head: 59

Height: Shortest
Weight: Medium or a bit on the fat side
Skin: 3
Weapon: Black Chair

Name: Kurt Angle
Head: 30
Upper: 49 (army)
Lower: 5 (army)

Height: 50%
Weight: 50%
Skin: 2
Weapon: Mic
Special Move: Samoan Drop
Special Move Name: Olympic Drop

Name: Rikishi Phatu
Upper: 0
Lower: 3

Height: 20%
Weight: 100%
Skin: 3
Weapon: Iron Pipe
Special Move: Falcon Arrow
Special Move Name: Rikishi Driver

Name: Raven
Head: 27
Upper: 36
Lower: 87

Height: 50%
Weight: 50% Skin: 1
Weapon: Black Chair
Special Move: DDT
Special move name: Even Flow

Name: Sandman
Head : 67
Upper : 3
Lower : 26

Height: 40%
Weight: 60%
Skin: 2
Weapon: Kendo Stick

Name: Jeff Jarret
Head: 65 or 66
Upper: 28
Lower: 50

Height: 50%
Weight: 50%
Skin: 2
Weapon: Guitar
Taught: Peace Sign

Name: Justin Credible
Head: 0
Upper: 51
Lower: 84

Height: 6"5
Weight: Little Less Medium
Skin: 1
Weapon: Kendo Stick
Finisher: Tombstone Piledriver
Finisher Name: That's Incredible

Note: These will only work if you have unlock all the hidden wrestlers in the game.


Created Wrestlers:

Balls Mahoney
Head: 15
Upper: 36
Lower: 96

Height: 100%
Weight: 100%
Skin: 2
Weopon: Piped Chair
Special Move: Falcon Arrow
rename: Nutcracker Suite

Rob Van Dam
Head: 2 or Stevie Richard's
Upper: 36 Mideon's
Lower: 15

Height: 50%
Weight: 40%
Skin: 2
Weopon: Black Chair
Special Move: 'lo down
rename: 5 Star Frog Splash

British Bulldog
(note he's in the video after you finish a preseason)
Head: 30
Upper: 0
Lower: 26

Height: 65%
Weight: 50%
Weopon: Piped Chair
Special Move: Pumphandle Slam
rename: Running Powerslam

Kevin Nash
Head: 15
Upper: 59
Lower: any black pants

Height: 100%
Weight: 70%
Skin: 2
Weopon: bat
Special Move: Jacknife Powerbomb

Vue : 3160 fois

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