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Download - Valkyrie Profile - Psx

Name of the file: Valkyrie Profile - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Hidden Character Art
Once you get 100% of a characters voice go into the "Voice Collection" area under the Sound section of the main menu and hit the Square button over that character's name, if you have 100% of their voice, you will see hidden art of that character

Seraphic Gate
Save at the final save point, and then go to the main menu you should see a new option, it will take you to the Seraphic Gate.

Unlimited Experience Points
When you get to the arkadian ruins you will come across a room that traps you inside until you defeat the Brackish Muck creatures and the Rib Foragers/Necrophiliacs. After the battle you get 10,000 event XP. The door opens. You may then leave and turn right around again to have the whole scene replay itself. You will only get the event XP once. I am doing this on normal mode. At this point you can do the "Switch the Emeralds/Zoe Bracelet to the character about to lvl up manuever". Just enter battle and have your magic-user blast with the Mystic Cross!!! You will often get Exp Crystals and treasure chests. Around 10,000 XP upon each entry to the room. You can max all your characters out.

Dimension Slip accessory:
When obtaining the Bark Of Dryaid in Nolsoft Swamp, keep it. Then, when obtaining the Transformation /Creation Gem, change it to get the "Dimension Slip" accessory.

Hard mode:
In Dark Tower of Zelva keep the Secrets of Resurrection artifact and then change it to an Orihalcon. Then, change the Orihalcon to get the Creation Jewel. Use this to obtain the Glare Sword, Icicle Sword, and Crimson Edge spear from Broken Armor, Book on Everlasting Life and Broken Spear respectively.

Hint: Best ending:
To get the best ending, you should keep your Seal Rating below 37. Factors that affect it include:

Transferring a character: +12
Recruiting a character: -2
Not wearing Nibelungen Ring during Sacred Phase: -2
Going to weeping Lily Valley, Valkyrie's Graveyard: -15
Meeting Lucian in Gerabellum before you recruit him: -15
Meeting Brahms at his Castle: -15
Meet and defeat Lezard Valeth at Chapter 4: -15
Recruiting Mystina: -15 (only if you defeat Lezard at C.4)
Recruiting Lucian: -20

Hint: Short elevator rides:
When in the Tower of Lezard Valeth, you can shorten the time the elevator moves from point A to B by opening and then closing the menu or map screens. You can avoid battling the monsters that ride the elevators by using this trick.

Hint: Gram:
If you are lucky and get another Orihalcon and you have the creation jewel (not gem), transmute the Orihalcon to Gram, a powerful sword that cannot be overpowered until you get with your fight with Loki in Ending A.

Hint: Flame Jewel locations:
You need Flame Jewels to access special rooms in the Seraphic Gate. In them, you can find the best equipment and the secret characters. There are eight special rooms, meaning you need eight Flame Jewels. They can be found in the following locations. Note: Flame Jewels are only available in hard mode.

Salerno Academy
Dark Tower of Xervah
Citadel of Flame
Sunken Shrine
Tombs of Amenti (two Flame Jewels)
Arianrod Labyrinth
Celestial Castle

Hint: Artifacts to keep:

Bark of the Dryad: Turns into the Dimension Slip when you obtain your creation gem.

Fairy Bottle: Turns into the Orihalcon with the creation gem. Available in normal mode.

Manuals of Resurrection: Also turns into the Orihalcon with the creation gem. Available only in hard mode.
Eternal Lamp: Avoid freezing.

Hint: Items from the Einjerjar:
Once you have recruited the Einjerjar, some of them have weapons or items in their respective cities that will help you in your quest. The only stipulation to this, though, is if you have already sent that character to Asgard, you cannot get the items. The following is a list of items the Einjerjar will give you:

Arngrim: Artolia - Arngrim's House - Dragon Slayer
Belenus: Lassen - Belenus' House - Asaka's Flower
Llewellyn: Crell Monfrange - Forest Meadow - Goddess Pendant
Kashell: Camille Village - Cemetary - Vainslayer
Janus: Crell Monfrange - Janus' House - Raven Slayer
Nanami: Hai Lan - Dragon Shrine - Dragon's Bane
Yumei: Hai Lan - Hai Lan Coastline - Fragment of Lapis Gem
Mystina: Flenceburg - Mystina's House - Infinity Rod
Hint: Unlocking secret items and characters:
Play in hard mode, and collect the eight Lotus Gems there. Then play the Seraphic Gate. You have now the access to the locked green doors, which is the location of the secret items and characters.

Hint: Nibelungen Ring compensation:
Keep the Nibelungen ring equipped in Valkyrie, and then give her the Radiance Sword or the Crescent Arrow bow (they can be obtained in the Divine Item menu)/ When she uses Nibelung Valesti, you will have the complete attack sequence. Note: This may also work with other divine weapons

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