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>> Download - Twisted Metal 3 <<

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Download - Twisted Metal 3 - Psx

Nom du fichier : Twisted Metal 3 - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Sexy version of Flower Power:
Enter Left, Square, Square, Square, Left as a password to view an alternate character selection screen picture of Flower Power, featuring a revealing view of her very short leather skirt. Click here to view the normal and alternate screens as well as a complete composite.

Unlimited ammunition:
Enter Triangle, Circle, Up, Right, Down as a password.

God mode:
Enter L1, Square, X, R1, Start as a password. Note: This code should not be used while the "Activate memory card" code is enabled.

Massive force:
Enter Triangle, Circle, Down, Left, Up as a password. The impact damage of any weapon that hits your character or the CPU cars will be magnified.

Giant Ricochet bomb:
Enter Left, Right Left, Right, Up as a password.

Smart seekers:
Enter Triangle, Left, Down, Right, Up as a password. Any missiles that track their targets will be enhanced .

Freeze missile:
Enter Triangle, Up, Circle, Right, Start as a password to adds 99 freeze missiles to the inventory. They appear to be identical to the the power missile, except for the "freeze" caption.

No Pick-ups:
Enter Select, Select, R2, L2, Start as a password.

No health Pick-ups:
Enter Select, L1, Select, Start, Circle as a password.

No full healths in any mode:
Enter L1, Start, Start, Start, R1 as a password.

CPU cars ignore health power-ups:
Enter Down, L1, Down, Start, Triangle as a password. The CPU controlled cars will not use health power-ups when low.

Ice levels:
Enter Up, Up, X, X, Up as a password.

All pick-ups are homing missiles:
Enter Start, R1, L1, Start, Start as a password.

All pick-ups are napalm:
Enter Start, Start, L1, L1, L1 as a password.

All pick-ups are power missiles:
Enter Start, L1, Start, L1, Start as a password.

Homing rain missiles:
Enter Up, Down, Up, Down, Up as a password.

CPU kills humans:
Enter L1, R1, L1, R1, R1 as a password. All CPU cars will relentlessly attack player cars.

Solo deathmatch:
Enter X, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle as a password.

Unlimited specials:
Enter L1, L1, R1, R1, R1 as a password. Start a game, then intentionally die. Unlimited specials will be available when you come back.

Super napalm:
Enter R1, R1, L1, L1, L1 as a password.

Warehouse level:
Enter Square, Square, Square, Left, Left as a password. Then, start a deathmatch game and choose any level and vehicle.

Alternatively, enter Up, Up, Up, Right, Right as a password.

Demo level:
Enter Up, Up, Up, Left, Left as a password. Then, start a deathmatch game and choose any level and vehicle to play the demo level displayed in the background at the main menu.

Club Kid's House level:
Enter Left, Left, Left, Square, Square as a password. Then, start a deathmatch game and choose any level. The level consists of a small arena with a disco ball.

Play as Sweet Tooth in any mode:
Enter Left, Left, Left, Right, Right as a password.

Play as Minion in any mode:
Enter Right, Right, Right, Left, Left as a password.

Master code:
Enter Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, L1, L1 as a password to activate all cheats.

Activate memory card:
Enter Start, Start, Start, Start, Start as a password. Select any desired game settings and begin a game. A prompt to save will appear just before game play begins. Note: The saved settings may not load at times when this code is enabled. To solve this problem, open the top of the PlayStation, then power it on. Wait until the Memory card/CD player screen appears, shut the top, and the game will continue to load with the previously saved settings.

Bonus audio:
Play track two of the game disc in an audio CD player to hear music and voiceovers from the game.

Custom game music:
Press Start during game play. Replace the game disc with an audio CD of your choice. Wait for the PlayStation to load the CD. Resume game play to hear the music from the CD. Note that this will randomly select a song and the game disc must be replaced before changing levels.

Special moves:
Freeze Left, Right, Up

Invisibility Up, Down, Left, Right
Jump Up(2), Left
Rear fire selected weapon Left, Right, Down

In the password select screen type in L1, Square, X, R1, Start.

One hit kill rockets:
On any level, spin around in three clockwise circles, then three counter-clockwise circles. Shoot off all weapons and use all turbos. A bang will confirm correct trick entry. Check the inventory to find the powered-up rockets.

Skidmark art:
Select Spectre as a character. Go forward at normal speed, then quickly hold Down/Left. Spin between ten and twenty times. Your skidmarks should look like a star inside your circle.



Twisted Metal 3 passwords
Cream Puff level:

D.C R1, R1, Right, Select, Down
Hangar 18 X, Start, X, Up, L1
North Pole Select, R1, Left, Left, X
London Right, Right, R1, R1, Right
Tokyo Down, R1, L1, X, Right
Egypt R2, Start, R2, Right, Right
Blimp Triangle, L1, Triangle, Right, Circle

D.C L1, Square, Triangle, Right, Up
Hangar 18 Right, L2, Select, R2, R2
North Pole L2, R2, Start, Triangle, X
London R1, L1, Down, Select, Start
Tokyo X, R2, Start, L1, Up
Egypt Circle, Circle, L2, Circle, Right
Blimp Select, X, X, X, R1

Club Kid
D.C R2, L2, L2, L2, Start
Hangar 18 Triangle, Select, R1, Left, Up
North Pole Square, L2, R1, Square, R1
London Select, Up, Square, R1, Up
Tokyo Right, L2, Circle, Down, Start
Egypt L2, Square, Down, R2, Left
Blimp R1, Left, Select, Circle, R1

D.C Left, Up, Up, Up, Down
Hangar 18 Up, Square, R1, Left, Down
North Pole Left, Down, Up, R1, L1
London R2, X, X, X, X
Tokyo Triangle, Down, Left, R2, Up
Egypt Square, X, Select, Right, Right
Blimp Down, R2, R2, R2, Start

Flower Power
D.C L2, Right, Triangle, Select, Circle
Hangar 18 R1, Circle, Right, Start, Right
North Pole X, Right, X, Left, R2
London Circle, Left, L1, Circle, Triangle
Tokyo Up, Right, Select, X, Select
Egypt Left, Triangle, L1, Circle, Triangle
Blimp L1, Up, Start, Right, L2

D.C Left, Square, L2, Square, Circle
Hangar 18 L1, L1, L2, R1, Up
North Pole Circle, Square, Down, Left, Up
London Square, L1, R1, L1, Triangle
Tokyo Up, Down, X, Start, Start
Egypt Right, R2, Circle, R2, Down
Blimp L2, Down, Circle, Down, R1

D.C X, R2, Start, Circle, Right
Hangar 18 R2, Left, L1, Start, Start
North Pole Up, Select, R1, L1, Right
London Left, L2, Up, X, R2
Tokyo L1, Select, X, Circle, R2
Egypt Circle, L2, Left, Right, Square
Blimp Select, Select, Select, L2, Up

Mr. Grimm
D.C Square, Up, Right, Triangle, Select
Hangar 18 Triangle, Square, Square, Up, L1
North Pole Right, Start, L2, Start, Left
London L2, R1, Down, R1, Up
Tokyo R1, Start, L1, L1, Square
Egypt X, R1, Start, Circle, Start
Blimp Start, Circle, Left, Start, Up

Outlaw 3
D.C Right, Square, Square, Triangle, X
Hangar 18 L2, Left, Triangle, Start, Select
North Pole R1, Square, Right, Down, Up
London X, Left, X, L1, L2
Tokyo X, Left, Circle, Triangle, Start
Egypt Up, Down, Select, Square, Left
Blimp Left, X, L1, Up, Start

D.C Circle, X, Triangle, R1, R1
Hangar 18 Select, Right, Right, Square, Square
North Pole Start, Circle, Square, Start, Select
London Down, Right, R2, Down, Down
Tokyo L2, Circle, R2, L1, L1
Egypt R1, Right, L1, Circle, X
Blimp X, Circle, Start, Select, Up

D.C Up, Triangle, Down, Left, L1
Hangar 18 Left, Up, Square, R1, X
North Pole L1, Triangle, L2, X, L2
London Circle, Up, Right, Circle, Start
Tokyo Select, R1, R1, Right, R2
Egypt Select, Select, Up, R2, Circle
Blimp Down, R1, Circle, Triangle, Triangle

Sweet Tooth
D.C R1, R1, Square, Start, L2
Hangar 18 X, R2, Left, Triangle, R1
North Pole L1, L1, Select, Select, Select
London Up, R1, X, Up, Right
Tokyo Left, L1, Up, L2, L1
Egypt L1, X, Right, Triangle, Select
Blimp Circle, R2, Left, L2, Select

D.C Start, R2, R2, Square, Left
Hangar 18 Down, Start, R1, Up, Up
North Pole R2, R2, Triangle, Down, Square
London Triangle, Right, L1, Start, X
Tokyo Square, L2, X, Circle, Left
Egypt Select, Left, Select, L1, L2
Blimp Up, L2, Select, Up, X

D.C L1, L2, Start, R1, Down
Hangar 18 Circle, Square, Triangle, X, L1
North Pole Select, Left, Right, X, L1
London Start, Square, X, Right, Down
Tokyo Down, Left, L2, R2, Right
Egypt R2, Square, Triangle, R2, Select
Blimp Triangle, Down, L1, Select, Circle

Twisted Metal level:
D.C. X, Start, Left, Left, L2
Hangar 18 Up, Down, Triangle, L1, R1
North Pole Left, X, Right, X, Square
London L1, Right, X, Start, Left
Tokyo Circle, Circle, Left, Right, Left
Egypt Select, Right, L2, L1, L1
Blimp Circle, L1, Triangle, X, Down

D.C. L2, Triangle, Triangle, Start, Down
Hangar 18 R1, Up, Down, Down, L1
North Pole X, Triangle, Square, R2, X
London Up, L2, Circle, Square, L1
Tokyo Start, R2, Right, L2, Start
Egypt Down, Select, X, Triangle, R1
Blimp L2, L2, Left, Square, R1

Club Kid
D.C. Select, R1, Down, X, Right
Hangar 18 Start, Start, Square, R2, X
North Pole Right, R1, L2, Right, Triangle
London L2, R2, Select, L2, L1
Tokyo R1, L1, R1, Triangle, Up
Egypt X, Up, Select, L2, L1
Blimp L1, Circle, Start, Triangle, Left

D.C. Left, R2, Select, L1, Up
Hangar 18 L2, R2, X, Left, Down
North Pole Circle, R2, R1, R1, R2
London Select, R1, Right, Square, Select
Tokyo Start, R2, Right, L2, Start
Egypt Down, Select, X, Triangle, Left
Blimp L2, L2, Left, Square, R1

Flower Power
D.C. X, L2, R2, Down, R2
Hangar 18 Select, Start, L1, Down, X
North Pole Up, L2, Triangle, Circle, L1
London Left, Square, Right, X, L2
Tokyo L1, Left, X, Up, Circle
Egypt Circle, Square, Left, L2, Down
Blimp Select, Left, R1, R2, Left

D.C. Circle, Right, Circle, X, Select
Hangar 18 Select, Circle, Down, Up, Square
North Pole Start, Up, Square, Right, L2
London Down, Triangle, L2, R2, R1
Tokyo R2, Up, Triangle, Square, X
Egypt Triangle, Triangle, R1, Select, Start
Blimp Square, Up, Up, Start, Left

D.C. Up, Start, Down, L1, Square
Hangar 18 Left, R1, Select, Circle, Left
North Pole L1, Start, R2, Down, Triangle
London Circle, R1, Up, L1, R2
Tokyo Select, Start, R1, L2, Up
Egypt Start, L1, Right, R1, R1
Blimp Down, X, Square, Down, Select

Mr. Grimm
D.C. Down, Down, Start, R2, Circle
Hangar 18 R2, X, Triangle, Down, Right
North Pole Triangle, Down, Right, R2, R2
London X, X, Square, Circle, Circle,
Tokyo Down, L2, Select, Select, Right
Egypt Up, Circle, Up, Up, L1
Blimp Left, Right, L1, Right, L2

Outlaw 3
D.C. Triangle, Select, Down, Circle, L1
Hangar 18 Square, L1, R2, R2, Square
North Pole Start, Circle, Right, Up, L2
London Up, R2, Triangle, Select, R2
Tokyo Left, Right, Up, Circle, X
Egypt L1, R2, X, Left, Start,
Blimp Circle, Left, R1, Up, L2

D.C. Start, Select, L2, Triangle, L2
Hangar 18 Down, L2, Start, Right, Select
North Pole R2, Select, Triangle, R2, Up
London Triangle, L2, Right, Triangle, L2
Tokyo Square, Select, Square, Select, Triangle
Egypt Left, L2, Start, Square, R1
Blimp Right, Square, Left, Start, Select

D.C. L1, Square, Up, X, R1
Hangar 18 Circle, Left, Circle, Square, Square
North Pole Select, X, Down, Right, Start
London Start, Down, Square, L2, Down
Tokyo Down, X, L2, Triangle, L1
Egypt R2, Down, Square, X, Up
Blimp Triangle, X, R1, Start, R2

Sweet Tooth
D.C. Circle, Circle, L1, L1, Start
Hangar 18 Right, Right, Down, Circle, X
North Pole L2, Circle, Select, Circle, L2
London R1, Right, R2, Up, Right
Tokyo Circle, Up, L2, R2, Left
Egypt Select, Up, R1, R1, Circle
Blimp Start, Triangle, Up, Square, L2

D.C. R2, Triangle, Left, Down, L2
Hangar 18 Triangle, Up, Select, R2, Triangle
North Pole Square, R1, R2, Circle, Select
London Start, Start, Select, Up, L1
Tokyo Right, R1, Triangle, Up, L2
Egypt L2, Start, Right, Left, Triangle
Blimp R1, R1, X, L1, Select

D.C. Select, L1, Left, Start, Left
Hangar 18 Start, L1, Right, R1, L2
North Pole Down, L1, Start, L2, Square
London R2, Triangle, Triangle, Start, Left
Tokyo Triangle, R2, Right, Left
Egypt Square, Square, Start, L1, Triangle
Blimp R2, L2, Down, X, Left

Pure Lunacy level:
D.C Left, Select, Circle, R2, Up
Hangar 18 L1, L2, L1, Triangle, R2
North Pole Circle, Select, Start, Up, Select
London Select, L2, Triangle, L2, Up
Tokyo Start, Select, Right, R1, L2
Egypt Down, L2, X, Square, Triangle
Blimp R2, Square, L2, Select, Start

D.C Square, Square, L1, R2, Left
Hangar 18 Left, Start, Triangle, R1, Square
North Pole Up, Square, Triangle, Select, Square
London Left, Left, Down, Start, Start
Tokyo L1, X, Square, Left, Left
Egypt Circle, Down, L2, L1, R1
Blimp Select, X, X, X, R1

Club Kid
D.C Down, X, Up, Right, Down
Hangar 18 R2, Right, Circle, L2, L1
North Pole Triangle, Circle, Down, Triangle, X
London Square, Right, Square, Square, Up
Tokyo Circle, R2, Start, Right, R2
Egypt Right, Right, Down, R2, X
Blimp Left, Triangle, R1, L1, Circle

D.C Circle, Triangle, Circle, Right, Circle
Hangar 18 Select, Up, Left, Up, R2
North Pole Start, Triangle, Select, L2, Circle
London Down, Start, R2, R1, Select
Tokyo R2, R1, Square, Up, Square
Egypt Triangle, Start, R1, L2, Down
Blimp Square, R1, Right, Down, Triangle

Flower Power
D.C Right, R1, Left, Circle, Up
Hangar 18 L2, Select, Select, Left, L1
North Pole L1, L1, L1, Up, R1
London Circle, Start, Left, Square, Up
Tokyo Select, L1, Triangle, R1, Start
Egypt Start, Right, X, Left, X
Blimp Down, R2, X, R1, Up

D.C Start, Left, L1, Right, Down
Hangar 18 Down, Square, Up, L2, Right
North Pole R2, Left, Circle, Triangle, R2
London Triangle, Square, Down, Square, Circle
Tokyo Square, Left, Square, Start, L1
Egypt Square, R2, Down, Up, Square
Blimp Right, Down, L1, L2, Up

D.C R1, Down, Up, Select, Select
Hangar 18 X, X, Circle, Up, Up
North Pole Down, Left, Left, L2, L2
London Start, Circle, Select, R1, R1
Tokyo Down, Right, R2, X, Square
Egypt R2, Circle, Start, Left, X
Blimp Triangle, Right, R1, Right, Left

Mr. Grimm
D.C Triangle, R2, R2, X, X
Hangar 18 Square, L1, Triangle, Down, Start
North Pole R2, Start, Select, L1, L2
London Right, Select, Triangle, Start, X
Tokyo L2, L2, Down, Left, X
Egypt R1, Select, Square, L1, Down
Blimp Circle, L2, L2, X, R2

Outlaw 3
D.C Up, X, Triangle, Square, Down
Hangar 18 Right, Triangle, Left, Select, Start
North Pole L2, Up, Select, Start, Down
London R1, Triangle, L1, Left, L1
Tokyo X, Up, Start, L1, X
Egypt R1, Triangle, X, Square, X
Blimp Up, Start, Right, Down, Up

D.C R2, Start, L2, L2, Circle
Hangar 18 Triangle, R1, Triangle, Up, X
North Pole Square, Start, L1, Square, Right
London L1, Start, Start, R2, X
Tokyo Right, Triangle, Down, Circle, Start
Egypt L2, L1, Down, L1, L2
Blimp R1, Square, Circle, Right, Circle

D.C Up, Triangle, Left, Circle, Up
Hangar 18 Up, R2, L1, L2, Select
North Pole Left, Up, R1, Up, Circle
London L2, R2, Circle, Square, L2
Tokyo Triangle, Down, Triangle, R1, Circle
Egypt Square, L2, Square, Down, Square
Blimp Select, R2, R2, Start, Right

Sweet Tooth
D.C L2, Select, R1, Select, R1
Hangar 18 R1, L1, Up, Up, Square
North Pole X, Square, Circle, Left, Start
London Left, Left, R1, Left, X
Tokyo Up, Square, Select, X, L1
Egypt Left, Left, R2, X, L2
Blimp L1, Square, Right, Circle, Circle

D.C Square, X, Right, Triangle, L1
Hangar 18 Down, X, Select, X, Triangle
North Pole Right, X, Left, Start, Circle
London L2, Down, Select, Left, Right
Tokyo R1, X, R2, L1, R2
Egypt X, Right, Start, Circle, Circle
Blimp Circle, Triangle, Right, Circle, Square

D.C Left, Circle, X, L2, R2
Hangar 18 L1, Right, L2, R1, Triangle
North Pole Circle, Triangle, Square, Select, L1
London Select, Up, L1, Up, Square
Tokyo Triangle, Start, Down, L2, Up
Egypt Right, Up, Triangle, R2, Triangle
Blimp L2, Triangle, Down, Circle, Select

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