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Download - The Saboteur - Cheat Code - Pc

Name of the file: The Saboteur - Cheat Code - Author: ANO - [PC]

Vehicle Locations
The following vehicles can be found at the locations below:
* Bauer Fuel Truck - West Picardie / North Normadie / Near the river, where the road the road hooks around
* Gestapo GS - Gare Saint Lazarre / This is parked North of the checkpoint near the tower with propaganda speaker (right side of the road)
* Armed ZP750 - Raise the alarm level and it will come to you
* Gestapo Cruiser (Not GS) - On streets around Nazi areas
* Bauer Armored - ???
* Kaiser Bulletproof - ???

Find a Path Up Buildings
If there is a scenic point atop a building that you cant figure out how to climb, follow the glowing yellow lamps -- they'll show the way to the scenic point.

Defeating Nazis
You can act suspiciously to lure a Nazi away from his post, then dispatch him when no one is around.

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