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>> Download - Wolf of The Battlefield : Commando 3 [Xbox 360] <<

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Download - Wolf of The Battlefield : Commando 3 [Xbox 360] - Xbox360

Name of the file: Wolf of The Battlefield : Commando 3 [Xbox 360] - Author: ANO - [XBOX360]

Full health
Note: This code may longer work after the latest game update. Press Start to pause game play on Xbox Live when you are low on health. Rotate the D-pad in a full circle at least three times. Select the "Achievements" option at the menu. Press B to exit that screen. Select the "Resume Game" option. You will still remain at the same screen. Select "Resume Game" again. The game will begin with your character at full health.

Alternately, press Start to pause game play on Xbox Live when you are low on health. Press Xbox Logo to enter the Dashboard menu. Press Xbox Logo again to exit the menu, then resume the game.

Mission select
Successfully complete the game. Note: Using this option will prevent the "Humanitarian", "Madman", "Mercenary", "Sleuth", "Veteran", and "Combined Assault" achievements from becoming unlocked.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Armored Attack (6 points): Get in the tank with two other players.
One Man Army (7 points): Kill 200 enemies.
Veteran (7 points): Complete the game on Black Ops difficulty.
Mercenary (15 points): Complete the game on Suicide Mission difficulty.
Humanitarian (10 points): Rescue all of the POWs in the game.
Sleuth (20 points): Find all of the Secret Areas in the game.
Brasso (10 points): Achieve the 12X score multiplier.
Hero (10 points): Achieve the 24X score multiplier.
Freedom (25 points): Free 25 POWs.
Madman (30 points): Attain a 24X score multiplier on every level.
Combined Assault (40 points): Complete the game with at least one other player.
Reckless Driver (20 points): Kill 40 enemies while in a vehicle.

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