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>> Download - Tekken 4 - FAQ v2.2 <<

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Download - Tekken 4 - FAQ v2.2 - Psx

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Name of the file: Tekken 4 - FAQ v2.2 - Author: CRS - [PSX]

Display Attack Names during game.
In Arcade/Time Attack/Team Battle/VS mode, press Select during the game and you will see the names of your attack moves. Every time you enter a command attack, its Japanese name will be displayed.

Internet Ranking password
To recieve your internet ranking password, first complete Time Attack, Survival, Force, or Training mode. Hold down square and triangle and press up+right (right diagonal) on the control pad. You can then submit it to Namco Japan's Tekken 4 webpage to see how you rank against the rest of the world.
Direct link:

Ling's School Outfit
Finish Story Mode using Ling and you can select her School Outfit by pressing RP (Triangle) when selecting her.

Play as Eddy Gordo (jap version)
Simply press Start on Christie at the character select screen to select Eddy Gordo.

Play as Miharu (jap version)
Simply press Start on Ling Xiaoyu at the character select screen to select Miharu.
Miharu is a Ling Xiaoyu palette swap.

Fight as Ling Xiaoyu in school uniform:
Successfully complete the game in story mode as Ling Xiaoyu. Then, highlight Ling Xiaoyu and press RP (Triangle) at the character selection screen.

Fight as Panda :
Highlight Kuma at the character selection screen, then press RP (Triangle) or RK (Circle).

Fight as Violet:
Highlight Lee at the character selection screen, then press RK (Circle).

Dojo stage:
Successfully complete the game in Tekken Force mode.

Theater mode:
Successfully complete the game in Story mode.

Ranking password:
Successfully complete Time Attack, Survival, Tekken Force, or Training mode. Hold Square + Triangle and press Up/Right to display a password that corresponds to your rank.

Play the Arena stage without any cages.
This is a glitch more than a Code, but you can use it to play in the Arena stage without any cages.

1) Finish Time Attack Mode.
2) Play Story Mode using the SAME CHARACTER. When you reach the final stage, skip Heihachi's intro (ie. press Start).

When the round begins, you'll see that the cages are down (actually, they're invisible). You can leave the Arena by going to the ramp which Heihachi walked down in the intro.

Note: In order for this code to work, you must play as a character who actually fights in the Arena Stage during story mode (for instance, Jin never fights in the Arena, so the glictch doesn't work for him).

Attack All Enemies (Tekken Force Mode)
When using a move combination with King in Tekken Force mode, it will damage all enemies standing close to you as well. Though it makes fights easy, it tends to eat up valuable time.

Unlocking Secret Characters
Jin Kazama: Beat Story Mode 1 time

Violet/Lee Chaolan: Beat Story Mode 2 times

Nina Williams: Beat Story Mode 3 times

Lei Wulong: Beat Story Mode 4 times

Bryan Fury: Beat Story Mode 5 times

Julia Chang: Beat Story Mode 6 times

Kuma/Panda: Beat Story Mode 7 times

Heihachi Mishima: Beat Story Mode 8 times

Combot: Beat Story Mode 9 times

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