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>> Download - The Sims 3 (Collector's Edition) - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - The Sims 3 (Collector's Edition) - Cheat Codes - Pc

Name of the file: The Sims 3 (Collector's Edition) - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

During gameplay, press CTRL+SHIFT+C (CTRL+SHIFT+WindowsKey+C for Vista) to bring up the cheats console. Enter the codes below for the desired effect.


* constrainFloorElevation [true/false] - Force terrain adjustments regardless of objects, Sims, and other structures
* enableLlamas - Enables llamas, obviously
* jokePlease - Summon a joke
* hideHeadlineEffects [on/off] - Hide all meters and effects
* quit - Quit the game
* help - Lists all available commands
* slowMotionViz [x] - Slow motion, where [x] is 0-8 (0 is normal)
* resetSim [x] - Resets the named Sim with neutral motives, no moodlets, and teleports Sim back home where [x] is first and last name
* fps [on/off] - Toggles frames per second in upper right of HUD
* fadeObjects [on/off] - Toggles object fade when camera zooms
* testingcheatsenabled - Turns on Testing Cheats, for Sims (Shift click) and objects
* disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on/off] - Hold Alt to avoid object snap when toggled
* kaching - While on the lot, this gives you $1,000
* motherlode - While on the lot, this gives you $50,000
* moveobjects on/off - Move anything (including Sims) in your Buy/Build mode
* familyFunds [x][y] - Give money to a family, where [x] is the family's last name and [y] is the amount
* fullscreen [on/off] - Toggles windowed mode
* unlockOutfits [on/off] - Unlocks outfits in CAS (Create a Sim) mode. Note: Must be enabled before entering CAS


* force service sim [x] - A specific service Sim will show up, where [x] is a name
* Add to Household - Add the active Sim to the current household
* Make Me Know Everyone - Everyone in your town becomes an acquaintance
* make happy - Gives household perfect moods
* make motives [static/dynamic] - Makes motives static or dynamic for whole Household
* make friends for me - Selected Sim knows everyone in town
* Set Age [x] - Set the age of selected Sim, where age is [x]
* Edit in CAS - Edit the selected Sim in Create-A-Sim
* freerealestate - Turn off house costs
* napObjectsToAngle [true/false] - Toggles 45 degree angle object snap
* snapObjectsToGrid [true/false] - Toggles snap to grid for placed objects
* Force Event - Click on a Career Building for a random career event
* Force All Events - Click on a Career Building to display all events for the career consecutively
* Force Opportunity - Click on a Career Building to force an opportunity
* force visitor - Summon a visitor
* set career [x] - Give the selected Sim a career, where [x] is the career
* Set Career [x] - Give the selected Sim any career at any level where [x] is the career / level
* shazaam - Gives 2,500 Lifetime Happiness Points to active Sim

Using the "testingcheatsenabled" Command

This testingcheatsenabled cheat allows you to do several useful things when used properly. First, hold CTRL+SHIFT+C (CTRL+SHIFT+WindowsKey+C for Vista)and enter this code: testingcheatsenabled true

Now, hold SHIFT and click your letterbox. This will provide you with these options:

* Make All Happy
* Force Visitor
* Set Career
* Set level

You may also hold SHIFT and click on Sims to get these options:

* Add Sim to House
* Modify Traits
* Force Aging

In Ground View mode, hold SHIFT and click a spot and your Sim will teleport to it.

Cooking Skill Exploit
Note: This glitch requires a TV with a cooking channel and a video game system. First, have one Sim sit down and watch TV. Switch the TV over to the cooking channel so that the Sim can start earning its skill point. Now, have a second Sim go over and start playing video games. You should now notice that although the TV is displaying video games, the first Sim still has the skill meter above its head! Simply allow this Sim to sit there until it decides to go do another activity on its own. After that, the skill meter should stay above its head until you start another cooking skill activity. As an added bonus, you can train two skill points at once! i.e., Go work out and both the athletic and cooking skills will continue to rise.

Addition: This also works with the Fishing Skill and the Gardening Skill provided you have a TV with those capabilities.

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