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>> Download - Devil May Cry 4 [Xbox 360] <<

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Download - Devil May Cry 4 [Xbox 360] - Xbox360

Name of the file: Devil May Cry 4 [Xbox 360] - Author: ANO - [XBOX360]

Defeating Berial
Use Grim Grip to reel yourself close to his head and attack with your sword. Once the combos are done use Grim Grip while still in the air. When his flames are gone, jump up to his head. Grab his head with the Devil Bringer then once he lands from that use Devil Bringer again to throw and punch him. After that, run away a short distance because he will release an explosion in the area around him. Make sure to pick up Green Orbs from the destroyed buildings and roll to avoid his flame geysers and sword attack. Continue attacking in this manner and use your Charge Shot to defeat him in under a minute.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

A Comfortable Pace (10 points): Clear mission 11 in Human mode.
Easy Does It (10 points): Clear all missions in Human mode.
Half Way There (10 points): Clear mission 11 in Devil Hunter mode.
Done and Done (20 points): Clear all missions in Devil Hunter mode.
The Best of the Rest (20 points): Clear all missions in Human mode with an S ranking.
A Cut Above (30 points): Clear all missions in Devil Hunter Mode with an S ranking.
Smokin'! (10 points): Complete a Stylish Rank S (Smokin'!) combo.
Smokin' Style!! (10 points): Complete a Stylish Rank SS (Smokin' Style!!) combo.
Smokin' Sick Style!!! (10 points): Complete a Stylish Rank SSS (Smokin' Sick Style!!!) combo.
Simply Spectacular (10 points): Complete a mission with an S ranking.
River of Red (10 points): Acquire 10,000 Red Orbs.
Filled with Pride (10 points): Acquire 10,000 Proud Souls.
Rookie Devil Hunter (10 points): Defeat a total of 100 enemies.

Additionally there are 33 secret achievements, all of which are currently unknown.

Rock and a Hard Place (10 points): Unknown.
Hardly A Simple Task (30 points): Unknown.
Easier Said Than Done (10 points): Unknown.
All Bow Before You (40 points): Unknown.
Step into the Light (10 points): Unknown.
Tonight, We Dine in Hell (10 points): Unknown.
A Stunning Feat (40 points): Unknown.
Never Say Die (50 points): Unknown.
A Throne of Glory (50 points): Unknown.
Nothing Left Unsaid (10 points): Unknown.
The First Circle (10 points): Unknown.
The Second Circle (10 points): Unknown.
The Third Circle (10 points): Unknown.
The Fourth Circle (10 points): Unknown.
The Fifth Circle (10 points): Unknown.
The Sixth Circle (10 points): Unknown.
The Seventh Circle (10 points): Unknown.
The Eight Circle (10 points): Unknown.
The Ninth Circle (10 points): Unknown.
Covered in Blood (40 points): Unknown.
King of the Palace (50 points): Unknown.
Speak of the Devil (20 points): Unknown.
Modus Vivendi (10 points): Unknown.
Bat Out of Hell (10 points): Unknown.
Your Cup Runeth Over (20 points): Unknown.
Red Orb Millionaire (40 points): Unknown.
Brimming with Pride (20 points): Unknown.
Proud Millionaire (40 points): Unknown.
Skilled Devil Hunter (30 points): Unknown.
Legendary Devil Hunter (50 points): Unknown.
Item Collector (50 points): Unknown.
Skill Collector - Nero (50 points): Unknown.
Skill Collector - Dante (50 points): Unknown.

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