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Download - Sins of A Solar Empire : Entrenchment - Cheat Codes - Pc

Nom du fichier : Sins of A Solar Empire : Entrenchment - Cheat Codes - Auteur : ANO - [PC]


Each capital ship unlocks a special power at level 6, this is normal.
But, the TEC union Marza Dreadnought capital ship's Missile Barrage
power is overwhelmingly powerful. It hits everything in a radius
around the ship for approximately 2,500 damage over 5-10 seconds.
This is enough to wipe out any non-capital ship and severely damage
buildings as well.

Additionally, the tendency for enemy ships to clump together means
that you can fly a Marza Dreadnought into the midst of a pile of
ships and wipe them out in a single shot. Every ship in the area of
effect takes the damage, so it's not hard to obliterate 20-30 ships
with a well-placed attack. This is particularly effective against

Other players who know what they're doing can reduce the damage of
this attack by moving their ships away from the Marza Dreadnought.
Or, with the right attack options, the Missile Barrage can be
interrupted/countered. So, while not unstoppably deadly, the TEC
Union's Marza Dreadnought is head & shoulders above its peers and
something that players need to stay on the alert for.

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