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>> Download - Crysis : Warhead - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Crysis : Warhead - Cheat Codes - Pc

Nom du fichier : Crysis : Warhead - Cheat Codes - Auteur : WIZ - [PC]

God Mode
Locate the difficulty files in your Crysis installation folder (ie: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis Warhead\Game\Config). These files are called diff_easy.cfg, diff_normal.cfg, diff_hard.cfg and diff_bauer.cfg. Open the file (with Notepad) that corresponds to the difficulty level you are playing. Add the following line to the end of the file and save it:

g_godMode = 1

Now, when playing your health will still decrease but you will not die. Instead, your health and armor will automatically replenish when your health reaches 0.

Additional Cheats
Using the same method as above, add the following lines to the end of your config file for the corresponding effect:

Code: Result:
i_unlimitedammo = 1 Unlimited Ammo
ai_IgnorePlayer = 1 Enemies Ignore You
i_noweaponlimit = 1 Carry Unlimited Number of Weapons


Developer Mode Cheats
Start the game with the command-line shortcut of -DEVMODE. This will enable new cheat keys that can be used in the game.

Example: "C:\Program Files\Crysis Warhead\bin32\Crysis.exe" -DEVMODE

Code: Result:
F1 Toggle First/Third Person View
F2 Jump to Next Checkpoint
F3 Toggle Fly Mode/Ghost Mode
F10 Jump to Previous Checkpoint
NUMPAD 1 Give Missile Launcher, Shotgun, Alien MOAC
NUMPAD 2 Unlimited Ammo

In addition to these cheats keys, you can now use the console by pressing ` (tilde) and typing any of the following commands:

Code: Result:
r_displayinfo 0 Remove Debug/Devmode Info from Screen
g_godmode 1 God Mode
i_noweaponlimit 1 Carry Unlimited Weapons
i_unlimitedammo 1 Unlimited Ammo
i_giveallitems Give All Weapons
g_suitSpeedMult = 2 Faster Speed
ai_UseAlternativeReadability Koreans Speak Korean
V_goliathmode 1 Indestructible Vehicles (Affects Enemies Too)

Unlimited Nightvision
Enter the following commands into the cheat console:

hud_nightVisionConsumption = 0
hud_nightVisionRecharge = 999

Cheat mode
The following procedures involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "diff_easy.cfg", "diff_normal.cfg", or "diff_hard.cfg" file in the "\\crysis warhead\\game\\config\\" directory to enable cheat mode and the console window under the Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulty settings. Add the line "con_restricted = 0" to the file then press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Alternately, use a text editor to edit the "diff_easy.cfg", "diff_normal.cfg", or "diff_hard.cfg" file in the "\\crysis warhead\\game\config\\" directory to change game play under the Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulty settings. Insert the following lines to get God mode and unlimited ammunition.
Effect Console code or line in .cfg file

God mode g_godMode = 1
Unlimited ammunition i_unlimitedammo = 1
Spawn indicated item i_giveitem [item name]
No energy loss g_suitCloakEnergyDrainAdjuster = 0
No energy cost g_suitRecoilEnergyCost = 0
Run faster g_suitSpeedMult = 2.85
More armor points g_suitArmorHealthValue = 900.0
Instant health regen g_playerSuitArmorModeHealthRegenTime = 0
Instant health regen while moving g_playerSuitArmorModeHealthRegenTimeMoving = 0
Set health regen time to 0 g_playerSuitHealthRegenTime = 0
Set regen time while walking to 0 g_playerSuitHealthRegenTimeMoving = 0
No waiting until regen starts g_playerSuitHealthRegenDelay = 0
Instant energy g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTimeArmor = 0
Instant energy while moving g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTimeArmorMoving = 0
Set energy regen time to 0 g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTime = 0
Do not wait until energy regen starts g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeDelay = 0
Extra health g_playerHealthValue = 900.0
Set difficulty, "1" is easy, "4" is most difficult g_difficultyLevel = 1
AI ignores player ai_IgnorePlayer = 1
No weapon limit i_noweaponlimit = 1
Speed suit never runs out of energy g_suitSpeedEnergyConsumption = 1
Unlimited nightvision hud_nightVisionConsumption = 0
Rate at which time passes; "1" is default time_scale = [number]
Toggle melee attacks while sprinting g_meleeWhileSprinting = [0 or 1]
Fall speed in meters/second that causes death; "13.7" is default pl_fallDamage_SpeedFatal = [number]
Maximum speed in meters/second at which you take no damage; "8" is default pl_fallDamage_SpeedSafe =
Set swim speed; "4" is default pl_swimBaseSpeed = [number]
Set speed at which you jump out of water; "1" is default pl_swimJumpSpeedBaseMul = [number]
Walking movement speed; "1" is default g_walkmultiplier = [number]
Toggle vehicle invincibility v_goliathmode = [0 or 1]
Multiplies punch strength by this factor; "1" is default cl_strengthscale = [number]
Koreans speak in Korean ai_UseAlternativeReadability = 0
Toggle frame rate display r_displayinfo = [0 or 1]

Item names

Use one of the following case-sensitive entries with the i_giveitem code to spawn the corresponding item.

Anti vehicle mine AVMine
Assault scope AssaultScope
AY69 micro machine gun AY69
C4 C4
Claymore Claymore
EMP grenade EMPGrenade
Explosive grenade FragGrenade
FGL40 Automatic grenade launcher FGL40
Flash grenade FlashbangGrenade
Flashlight for pistol LAMFlashLight
Flashlight for rifle LAMRifleFlashLight
Gauss rifle GaussRifle
Grenade launcher for SCAR and FY71 GrenadeLauncher
Incendiary ammo for FY71 FY71IncendiaryAmmo
Lasersight for pistol LAM
Lasersight for rifles LAMRifle
Minigun Hurricane
Missile launcher LAW
PAX Plasma Accumulator Cannon TACGun_XP_2
Alternate PAX TACGun_XP
Pistol SOCOM
Shotgun Shotgun
Silencer for pistol SOCOMSilencer
Silencer for rifle Silencer
Smoke grenade SmokeGrenade
Sniper rifle DSG1
Sniper scope SniperScope
Standard Korean rifle FY71
Standard U.S. rifle SCAR
Submachine gun SMG
Tac Gun (mini nuke) TACGun

Cloaked Frog
The invisible (or cloaked) frog can be found in the 'Below the Thunder' level, just after you get off from the big yellow elevator that takes you up. To find it, as soon as you get off from the yellow elevator you will come to a room. Look at the roof and you will see a metal grate. Shoot that and jump up into the hole. Once in the vents, keep taking lefts till you get to a dead end... he will be sat on a red book 'Croaking while Cloaking'.

Adapt Or Perish: Frog
Get to the part after losing sight of Lee for the second time during the pursuit and reaching the KPA Nano-Suit soldiers fighting an alien exosuit. Go to the right and walk up the hill with a resort bar on top. Inside the bar, enter the larger of the two bathrooms. On the toilet you will see a frog frozen to a book. Upon picking up the book, Psycho will exclaim, "It's Calmon! I've found him!" Once the book is thrown or dropped it will explode.

Frozen Paradise: Ice Age reference
After escaping the frozen aircraft carrier you will enter an ice cave. Near the entrance, look for a hole near the ceiling to the left. Jump up into this hole and stay on the second level of the ice cave. After jumping across a gap, look along the left side of the ice cave. You will find a rat and acorn frozen into the ice. This is a reference to Scrat the saber-toothed squirrel from the movie Ice Age.

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