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>> Download - Conan [Xbox 360] <<

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Download - Conan [Xbox 360] - Xbox360

Name of the file: Conan [Xbox 360] - Author: ANO - [XBOX360]

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Hands-On (10 points): 5 Grapple Kills.

Man Handle (15 points): 50 Grapple Kills.

Death Grip (20 points): 250 grapple kills.

Fatal Touch (30 points): 500 grapple kills.

Shish Kabob (10 points): Impale an enemy.

Enemy Appetizers (30 points): Impale 100 enemies.

Now You See It, Now You Don't (10 points): Disarm an enemy.

Master Looter (30 points): Disarm 100 enemies.

Rock of Ages (30 points): Kill 100 enemies by boulder throw.

Free Fall (10 points): Kill an enemy by death fall.

Death Rain (30 points): Kill 100 enemies by death fall.

Slice 'n Dice (10 points): 100 dismemberments.

Chop Shop (20 points): 500 dismemberments.

Meat Market (30 points): 1000 dismemberments.

Parry Farm (10 points): Perform every parry kill move.

Parry Assassin (15 points): 100 parry kills.

Parry King (20 points): 200 parry kills.

Chained Attacker (10 points): Combo Counter reaches 100.

Chain of Fools (20 points): Combo Counter reaches 325.

Mob Massacre (15 points): Kill 5 or more enemies simultaneously.

Treasure Seeker (10 points): Find 5 treasure chests.

Treasure Hunter (20 points): Find 50 treasure chests.

Filthy Rich (30 points): Find all treasure chests.

Noble Conan (10 points): Save a Maiden.

Triumvirate Seeker (10 points): Activate 5 rune triumvirates.

Triumvirates United (20 points): Activate all rune triumvirates.

The Legendary Set (10 points): Collect all armor pieces.

Mighty Conan (30 points): Complete the game on Hard mode.

Master Conan (50 points): Complete the game on King mode.

Bill of Health (20 points): Find all Health Meter powerups.

Armored Up (20 points): Find all Power Meter powerups.

Adrenaline Rush (20 points): Find all Song of Death meter powerups.

Master Swordsman (10 points): All one-handed blade attacks mastered.

Master Dual Wielder (10 points): All dual wield attacks mastered.

Master Two-Handed Swordsman (10 points): All two-handed blade attacks mastered.

Bring out the Gimp (15 points): Kill at least 25 enemies during the Giant Squid boss battle.

Losing His Mind (20 points): Decapitate a captain with a shield.

Untouchable (40 points): Complete a mission without taking any damage.

High and Mighty (10 points): Score 20,000 points in a level.

The Bloody Crown (40 points): Score 100,000 total points.

Additionally there are nine secret achievements, all of which are currently unknown,

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