Trainers City - The Binding of Isaac - Cheat Codes - [PC]

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Have 55 pennies at the same time in one playthrough.

Make two deals with the devil in the same playthrough.

Have seven heart containers in one playthrough.

Defeat It Lives by completing the game ten times.

Successfully complete the game two times.

Steam achievements
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.
???: Complete the full game 10 times.
Basement Boy: Complete the basement without taking damage.
Cain's Eyepatch: Collect 50+ pennies in one play through.
Dark Boy: Complete the depths without taking damage.
Everything's Terrible!: Complete the full game 6 times.
Golden God!: 100% the game.
I have sticker fingers...: You defeated Gish!
I Killed Mom!: Kill mom...
I need a hug...: You defeated C.H.A.D.!
It Lives!: Complete the full game 9 times.
Judas's Fez: Complete the full game.
Lil Chubby: Defeat all bosses in the caves.
Lokis Horns: Defeat all bosses in the depths.
Maggys Wig: Collect 7+ container hearts in one play through.
Mamas Boy: Complete the full game without taking damage.
Moms Contact: Stay out of moms things!
Moms Pill Bottle: Mom needs her pills! donate blood.
Money = Power: Complete the full game 8 times.
Monstros Tooth: Defeat all bosses in the basement.
Mr. Mega!: Kids shouldn't play with matches...
My head hurts...: You defeated Steven!
Spelunker Boy: Complete the caves without taking damage.
The Bag: Complete the full game with Cain.
The Bandage: Make a Super Meat Boy!
The Bean: You don't wanna know where this bean has been...
The Book of Sin: Destroy the 7 Sins!
The Common Cold: Dirty needles... eww.
The Cross: Complete the full game with Maggy.
The D6: Complete the full game with ???.
The Fetus: Complete the full game 5 times.
The Gamekid: I lost mine in the arcade...
The Halo: Give mom a taste of her own medicine!
The Nail: Complete the full game 3 times.
The Necronomicon: Call death upon all of them!
The Noose: Complete the full game 2 times.
The Parasite: Kids shouldn't play with dead things...
The Quarter: Complete the full game 4 times.
The Radioactive Spider: Complete the basement.
The Robo-Baby: Complete the full game with Judas.
The Rock: I like to break things...
The Shears: I've lost my head one too many times...
The Spelunker: Complete the Caves.
The Wafer: Complete the full game 7 times.

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