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Download - Command & Conquer : Red Alert - [PSX]

Name of the file: Command & Conquer : Red Alert - Author: ANO - [PSX]

To activate the following codes, go to the sidebar while in a mission and hit the Cancel button over the following symbols in the order listed.

Parabomb - Square, X, Circle, Circle, X, Triagle
Ore to gold or crystals - Square, Circle, Square, X, Circle, Circle.
Iron curtain - Circle, Square, Circle, X, Square, Triangle.

Money - Square, Square, Circle, X, Triangle, and Circle.
Free Nuke - Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, and Triangle.
Free Chronoshift - Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, and X.
Open Map - Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle, and Square.
Soylent Green - X, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, and X.
Win Level - X, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle.

Passwords - Allies:
These passwords are for the Allied disk. To use them, make sure the Allied disk is in your Playstation, then go to the password screen.

02 -- PJ1OC3IEW
03 -- EC5NAHTU
04 -- 9BFVYZAZ8
05 -- P4XS4CZVC
06 -- FMNAE6U08
07 -- 7XIQW4KQI
09 -- 4TNT8RJ21
10 -- FZ0ZY7ZQA
13 -- J7VEWVT09
15 -- 17LE3FDV

Passwords - Soviets:
These passwords are for the Soviet disk. To use them, make sure the Soviet disk is in your Playstation, then go to the password screen.

01 -- 17DUXFJ6C
02 -- VMBWOQ284
03 -- XN37MCCSO
04 -- LH06FZZQL
05 -- BUVV20LFF
06 -- AVYQ10YA8
08 -- YQX4C9GFH
09 -- 1QESO8LE0
11 -- CDLKYL7Q4
12 -- 8T5GGDK25
13 -- X5CDE0KN8

Soylent Green:
This code either turns people into gold or adds their "value" to your money pool. In either case, it only works in multiplayer mode and you need to build a refinery first.

To enter this code, click on the TEAMS button menu with the CANCEL button, then move the cursor over the following icons on the menu bar and press CANCEL on each: X, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, X

When you are in level three of GDI you must find the secret UFO to see a movie with naked Caine en Generaal Shepherd.

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